Get to know the GALA Soccer Team!

Recently, the GALA soccer team won the Division Five Championships, concluding a very successful season. The GALA soccer team is ranked seventh in the Los Angeles city section. They have brought joy and pride to our school, so we wanted to dive a little deeper into their world. We had the opportunity to interview two players, Ava Ward-Wallace, and Morgan Edwards. We asked them a few questions to get to know them as individual players, and more about the GALA soccer team altogether!
What/who influenced you to join the soccer team? Who is your role model?
Ava: Me personally, I knew the coaches, so my influence was that I knew the coaches from outside the school, and I was really passionate about playing for the school. Coach Habeebah inspired me to be here.
Morgan: I would say just I influenced myself in a way, and I was playing when I was three and a half, so when they had the opportunity, I joined for high school. I was also comfortable with the coach.
What was the most challenging part of your season?
Ava: I think it was when working with the new players and growing a bond as a team. I firmly believe the way you connect outside of the field impacts how you play on the field, so we had to make sure our connection was strong.
Morgan: I would say that it was not having some of our players from last season, like some of our key players from last season had two major injuries. They hurt their ACL. New people have left, and new people have come on, so I am just adjusting to that being the oldest player on the team, it can be hard to get used to new people.
How often do you practice at home? Who do you practice with?
Ava: I practice every day because I play outside of school and I have developed a habit. I practice with my club teams a lot as well my AYSO team, and if I’m not doing that, I’m practicing with my sister.
Morgan: Well, I am on a club team outside of school, so I practice with my other teammates, and I usually just practice shooting on a wall or something. But I usually practice with the club teammates 2-3 times a week.
How long have you been playing soccer?
Ava: I have been playing soccer since I was five and a half, and I started in a league in South LA and have been playing there ever since.
Morgan: I was about three and a half, so I’ve been playing for about 11 years.
Were you closer to joining another sport, or do you play another sport?
Ava: I don’t have time to play any other sports, but my dad wanted me to play basketball. I played that for a year, but soccer is what I wanted to play and focus on.
Morgan: No, I’ve only played soccer my whole life. I’ve played sports like recreational basketball. But, I’ve never played another sport seriously.
What advice would you give to people who are interested in joining the team or this sport?
Ava: My advice is to come to tryouts–what the team looks for is for people who try hard. But make sure to push yourself.
Morgan: I guess I’ll start with the team, just come up with the idea to work as a team and have that teamwork, drive and push yourself to be the best version of yourself for the team. Mentally prepare yourself for the sport. The team is highly competitive, and we enjoy winning. We always build each other up and support each other.
Why is soccer important to you?
Ava: Soccer is important because it is the place where I originally found community. I loved playing with teammates, and when people came to visit my games and support me, it made me happy.
Morgan: It is important because It’s an outlet for me to help stress and is a decompressor, as well as it alleviates things going on in my head.
Are you thinking that you may want to have a career in soccer for a professional team?
Ava: Yes, actually, now that the NCAA has passed the equal pay law, it has made it so I could make a living. So, I see playing at least through college.
Morgan: Not for my profession, but I hope to have a college career in soccer. I’m going to Arizona for a college cup soon with my club team, where the coaches will talk to us about recruitment and stuff like that.
Are you proud to be a part of the GALA soccer team?
Ava: Yes, of course, I’m very proud of my team and what we’ve become. League champions!
Morgan: Absolutely, I am super proud of being a part of it. Every year, I’ve had the team that almost got to the championships, but we all pulled through this year! Some of the oldest players have gotten injuries this season regarding ACL and other leg problems. So it was really rewarding to win even without our players. Go Goddesses!

We hope you learned more about the GALA soccer team, these players have done so much for this school this season. We are so proud! We hope you enjoyed this article and see you next season! Go Goddesses!