What’s In Sangwon’s Closet?: A Peak Inside a K-pop Trainee’s Wardrobe

Sangwon is a member of the pre-debut K-pop group Trainee A, under BigHit Entertainment. Recently, the Trainee A YouTube channel uploaded a video titled ‘ 1 Choreo , 7 Outfits ‘ in which members, Sangwon and Jihoon created choreographies to a song of their choice and performed it in 7 different outfits. It is said that Sangwon has an interest in fashion and clothing so, let’s take a look into Sangwon’s closet and get an idea of his fashion sense!

In the ‘ 1 Choreo , 7 Outfits’ video, Sangwon danced to ‘Jada’ by Paloma Ford. He started off his performance by wearing a black long sleeve shirt by the brand ‘V2’ and some black sweatpants by ‘YESEYESEE’. He wrapped up the outfit with a pair of ‘Jordan 1 Retro High OG University Blue’ Nikes.

In his second outfit he wore the ivory ‘NEW ARC ZIPUP’ sweatshirt by ‘THISISNEVERTHAT’ and paired it with some grey ‘Burn-High’ pants by ‘OSHIGH’. The outfit was paired with the same ‘Jordan 1 Retro High OG University Blue’ Nike’s he wore in the previous outfit.

The third outfit consisted of a black baseball cap and a black long sleeve shirt by ‘RAWTHANG’, both articles of clothing had the company’s decal on it in white. He completed the outfit with some black sweatpants and black Nike ‘Air Force 1’07’s’.

In the fourth outfit, Sangwon wore a brown ‘Small LOGO’ zip up hoodie by ‘GREEMY’ and was matched with a pair of grey ‘ Air Jordan Sport DNA’ sweatpants. He then completed the outfit with the same ‘Jordan 1 Retro High OG University Blue’ Nike’s he wore in outfit one and two.

The fifth outfit was put together with a lighter series of colors, the main one being teal. He wore a teal baseball cap by the brand ‘NEW ERA’, a white graphic t-shirt(unnamed), and some sweatpants from ‘YESEYESEE’ that matched the teal cap. He wrapped up the outfit with the same shoes in outfit’s one, two, and four.

The sixth outfit was the same as the first, but he added a blue bucket hat that matched his ‘Jordan 1 Retro High OG University Blue’ shoes. Lastly, the seventh outfit consisted of a grey padded jacket by ‘MMGL’, a plain black t-shirt, some plain grey sweatpants and his ‘Jordan 1 Retro High OG University Blue’ shoes.

Throughout various live streams and videos on the Trainee A YouTube channel, Sangwon is seen wearing various clothes by the brand ‘THISISNEVERTHAT’. It seems to be one of his favorite brands. He is also seen wearing ‘THRASHER’, ‘LMC’, ‘YESEYESEE’, and ‘Lost Magnetic Cities’ quite often.

In the ‘ 1 Choreo , 7 Outfits ‘ video, the members concluded the video by doing a short Q&A.
Sangwon was asked: Do you always like wearing big clothing?
He answered by saying “ I tend to wear bigger clothes especially when I’m dancing, But I don’t really think about wearing big clothes for my daily outfit. When I’m dancing, I definitely like wearing big clothes”. He mentioned that unless he is doing contemporary dance, it can be uncomfortable to dance in long sleeves.

The next question was: Do you like Nike shoes?
He responded with “I think anyone who likes dancing would like it. Most of my shoes are Nike.”

Third question: Do you always wear a hat when dancing? He answered with “If I don’t wear a hat, it’s hard to get fully into the song. I feel like other people won’t concentrate to the song too. I can’t focus well without having it on, but I get really into it when I do.”

After a couple more questions, he then wrapped up his segment of the video by saying “I know it’s short but I hope you guys enjoy it!”

Take a look at Sangwon and Jihoon’s performances here:
Sangwon – https://youtu.be/F1FaT3rP2Lg
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And take a look at a rundown of their fashion here!: https://youtu.be/lG1To4H7qbI

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