#HARRYCHELLA Was Absolutely Unbelievable


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Harry Styles lit up our world like nobody else at the 2022 Coachella Music Festival. There was an extreme amount of dancing, smiling, and interacting with the crowd (which was VERY large). He was the Friday headliner, alongside Billie Eilish for Saturday, and The Weeknd with Swedish House Mafia for Sunday. His first show was on April 15, and his second show was on April 22. Come along the ride and see what your favorite parts of his performance were.

Coachella was Styles’ first ever performance at a music festival, so it was a new experience for him, and his fans. With this, the crowd was at minimum, 100,000 people. “It’s big in here innit,” Styles said, staying true to his British self. The crowds looked like a huge blur, every person fading into each other. With Coachella being such a success, the question is, what is Styles’ next festival going to be?

The Gucci God wore custom Gucci outfits for both nights. On night one, he wore an outfit that was a gorgeous rainbow-sequin covered jumpsuit with a V-neck that showed off his butterfly tattoo. It’s no surprise that the jumpsuit was custom Gucci as Styles is a face for the label. To go along with the jumpsuit, he wore his iconic black boots. Gucci also designed his band’s outfits. His band all wore matching denim jumpsuits, with white shoes. Everyone wore pants for their jumpsuit bottom, but drummer Sarah Jones opted for shorts, like she usually does. For night 2, he surprised us all with his flamboyant cowboy outfit. He wore pink metallic leather pants, a vest (unbuttoned), and a jacket-which he quickly removed, much to the fans delight. The details on this look take us down memory lane from his second album, Fine Line, with the songs Watermelon Sugar, and Cherry. There was a strawberry on his belt buckle and the front of his vest as well as a sparkled cherry on the back of his vest. He wore his classic boots, but this time in a silver color. Truly, the best part of this look was the bedazzled “H” and “S” on each butt-cheek. Both nights he wore feathered jackets that were oversized. Nobody else could have pulled these looks off as well as Styles did.

Styles opened his set with debuting his new song, As It Was, which will be on his new album, Harry’s House, releasing May 20th. The crowd went crazy when he ran down the stairs on his set, and started singing the starting lines, “Holding me back, yeah gravity’s holding me back”. Throughout the whole song he was wearing his huge feathered coat, but after the bridge of the song, he took it off and threw it into the air. The same happened with his leather jacket for night two.

It’s safe to say that Styles’ voice has never sounded better than at Coachella. His vocal improvement is INSANE. His voice sounded more angelic and clean than usual. There wasn’t a better night to play two new and unreleased songs that will be released on Harry’s House. These songs’ titles were Boyfriends and Late Night Talking. Boyfriends is an acoustic song that showcases Harry’s voice, along with his band’s, especially when they sing the lyric “You” over and over. Late Night Talking, a more upbeat song, had everyone dancing throughout the entire song. The chorus of the song goes, “We’ve been doing all this late night talking, ‘Bout anything you want until the morning, now you’re in my life, I can’t get you off my mind.” These last few lyrics are resembling his other song, Adore You, that is off his album Fine Line that says, “Lately you’ve been on my mind”. These two songs will be great additions on his new album Harry’s House.

Styles has never done a recorded song collab with anyone since he went solo, so we were bursting with excitement to see that Styles brought out two special guests: weekend one was Shania Twain, and weekend two was Lizzo. During Weekend one, Styles introduced Twain, with much character. He started off by saying that “This woman taught me how to sing. She also taught me that men are trash.” Then, the two sang a duet of Twain’s song, Man! I Feel Like A Woman! After that, they both sang You’re Still The One, another song by Twain. Twain was wearing a dress that coordinated with Styles’ outfit, but she added white go-go boots to the look. When Lizzo came out on stage, jaws dropped. She was wearing a shiny Gucci pink outfit, with an orange feather coat that matched Styles’ pink and white one. The two sang I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, and What Makes You Beautiful, Styles’ past band’s most successful and recognizable song. It was unexpected for the two to sing I Will Survive, but let’s just say, we could listen to it all day long. The two looked so happy together on stage. You can see both of them come alive when they are together, it’s such a pleasure to see them perform together.
It’s undeniable that #HARRYCHELLA was absolutely unbelievable. From the outstanding singing, stellar dance moves, to the breathtaking outfits, there is something for everyone when Styles performs. He has the infectious smile that makes you have no choice but to belt out every lyric to every song. Styles puts on sensational performances and was born to perform. Write in the comments what your favorite part of #HARRYCHELLA was!

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