Store Review: Typo


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Typo is a great store that offers a variety of decor, stationary, totes, drinking/eating ware + more!

For those who haven’t heard about this renowned lifestyle & stationery store, Typo is a brand that has everything from tote bags to cute bowls and iPhone cases. No matter what genre you’re purchasing from, each and every one of Typo’s products never fails to live up to its customers’ dreams, making it one of the perfect shops to buy from. Today I will be sharing with you some of their best products, and reviewing everything from the design to the functionality of all of my selections.

(All pictures in this article courtesy of Typo)

Shape Shifter Mug (In Daisi Multi): $11.99

Who wouldn’t want this adorable mug? Located in the Kitchen + Bar section, this mug is a five out of five stars purchase. It is crafted from 100% stoneware, and it’s the perfect addition to your kitchen. From the cute floral design to the pink handle, I am obsessed with this mug. Now if there was only a way to purchase the coaster…

Care Bears Daily Mug: $7.99

This adorable Care Bears themed mug is a part of Typo’s beloved line of stackable mugs, designed not only for different styles but for functionality too. There’s no doubt that this mug is the perfect mug to use while curling up with a book, or completing hours of tedious homework while drinking coffee or tea. Not a fan of the care bears? This mug design comes in many different patterns and styles, which you can check out in the Typo store or online.

Care Bears Exclusive Daily Tote: $15.00

This simple yet cute tote bag is made from 100% cotton, and the lining is made from 100% polyester. The bag is made complete with extremely helpful pockets so you don’t lose any of your belongings (phone, lip gloss, money, book, etc). If you, again, are not in love with the Care Bears heart patch or aesthetic, this bag comes in several different patterns and styles, including one themed after the beloved TV show “Friends”.

It’s A Vibe Candle (Just One More Episode!): $14.99

This candle is perfect for all the Netflix bingers out there. Whether you’re watching “Stranger Things,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Outer Banks,” “Friends,” or any other TV show, you can set the mood with this flawless Typo purchase. Typo itself even writes that it’s “Specifically designed for you to make the vibe loud and clear, these candles do all the talking so you can kick back and relax.”

Retro Flip Clock (Lilac): $19.99

This charming bedside table clock is the perfect size, designed for both style and functionality. It comes in several different colors, and you can update the time and date in the settings if necessary.

A4 Framed Print: $5.00 (sale)

This A4 framed print is the perfect addition to any blank wall that you have, and it will certainly lighten up the mood in any room. Made with a completely wooden frame, this print is a part of Typo’s wall art collection! You can get this print in different patterns and colors, so make sure to click the link to experiment with what you like best!

Floor Cushion: $29.00

Typo’s floor cushion selection is the Typo category we’ve all been waiting for. Complete with a way to carry it, soft cushiony fabric, and lovely patterns, Typo’s floor cushions are great additions to any room. They provide the perfect spot to curl up with any pets and family.

Foundation Typo Organic Tote Bag: $5.00

This is a fantastic tote bag made from 100% organic cotton. It is the perfect bag to hold your items while taking a walk or going to the movies. From its appealing green flowers to its lilac color, this bag is an excellent addition to one’s closet! Just like most Typo products, this tote comes in a variety of patterns and colors.

As one can see, there are many adorable, useful, and functional products at Typo! From their tote bags to their candles, everything is of great quality. If you are interested in learning more about Typo, you can visit their store online or in-person