Not Shy, Not Me: This is ITZY!

Itzy is a five-member K-pop girl group under JYP Entertainment. The members of this group are Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryoung, and Yuna.

Chaeryoung was the first to join JYP Entertainment and was in JYP’s show Sixteen, though she did not make it to the final lineup for the girl group TWICE. Member Ryujin was scouted from a GOT7 concert and trained with JYP. Yuna and Yeji were also both scouted, Yeji being the one who auditioned and Yuna being discovered by JYP staff. The final member, Lia, originally auditioned for SM Entertainment and was accepted, but due to a disagreement with her parents, she had to back out. Several years later, she auditioned for JYP and was accepted. The group debuted in February 2019.

ITZY debuted with their album IT’z Different, the title track being “Dalla Dalla,” released on February 12th, 2019. ITZY currently has a total of five mini albums and three single tracks, one of which was their first English single. They received the Digital Bosang Award at the 34th Golden Disk Awards for the single because of its major success in South Korea.

ITZY has won a total of 32 awards, including the 2019 Rookie of the Year Award at the Asia Artists Awards. ITZY’s most popular song is “Wannabe” which came out in 2020. It has accumulated over 400 million views and 6.2 million likes on YouTube.

Now, for an intro to each member.

Yeji: She is the leader of the group. Yeji is the main dancer, lead vocalist, and rapper. When Yeji auditioned for JYP Entertainment, she auditioned with “Like Ooh-Ahh” by TWICE.

Lia: She is also a lead vocalist for ITZY. Lia was a former SM trainee and used to live in Canada.

Ryujin: She is the main rapper and sub-vocalist of the group. Outside of ITZY, she is also an actress. Ryujin has two cats, whose names are Byul and Dal.

Chaeryoung: Chaeryoung is a singer and main dancer for ITZY. She likes writing and doesn’t like the winter season very much.

Yuna: She is the lead dancer, vocalist, and visual of the group. Yuna is the only member who isn’t a perfectionist and isn’t too hard on herself in times of doubt.

Here are the official social pages and links that help out to learn more about Itzy!
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YouTube Channel: ITZY

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You can stream ITZY’s music on any platform; they recently released their new album CHESHIRE, and I recommend giving it a listen if you’d like to get into them!