Pigs Are Flying: California Storm Causes Snow in L.A.


Luis Sinco

Snow on mountains north of Los Angeles

This February, California experienced a series of storms, covering the area with 32 trillion gallons of rain and snow. According to USA Today, the blizzard-like conditions were created by cold air from Alaska meeting a warm atmospheric river. Many places were issued rare blizzard warnings, including the first-ever San Diego National Weather Service warning. In addition, many received warnings of floods, high winds, and power outages.

The rain eased the severity of California’s drought-ridden state, but California state climatologist Michael Anderson predicts that the rain will not ultimately bring California out of drought. In addition, AP News states that scientists are anticipating “weather whiplash,” which describes the climate change-induced pattern of intense dryness following heavy rains. Although California received lots of rain from this storm, Jennifer Pierre from the State Water Contractors says, “We must be nimble in ensuring responsible water management for both water supply and the environment.”

While many GALA students experienced heavy rain and hail, some might have been fortunate enough to witness snowfall. There is more expected rain in March, so get your umbrellas ready!