Inside The Disneyland Jungle Cruise

Disneyland is known as the happiest place on earth. Opening on July 17, 1955, this amusement park is known worldwide for its food, rides, entertainment, and, most importantly, magic. Many opening day attractions have closed over the years, but one that continues to thrive is the Jungle Cruise, the ride we will dive into today.

The animals seen during the ride are the staple of the cruise. The animals aren’t real, but Walt Disney initially wanted them to be alive! Zoologists declined his ambitious idea because the live animals would be far too unreliable. Also, the animals would be scarred by all the commotion happening around them. So that idea was laid to rest, and animatronics were brought into the picture.

Another feature of this ride and many others that can be found across the park is the infamous water used for the river. If you have gone on the Jungle Cruise before, you know that the water surrounding your boat looks naturally murky and maybe even dirty. This is a common misconception because this is different from the water’s authentic appearance. After all, it is actually dyed. Disneyland does this to prevent guests from seeing the tracks the boat runs on, and the more mechanical parts of the animatronics are hidden under the river water.

Speaking of tracks, the boats of the Jungle Cruise run on them. The skippers, or actors on each boat, are not directing the boat but are keeping the magic alive by pretending to. It would be exciting to see the skippers make jokes while having complete control of the boat simultaneously, and while that would be some professional multitasking, it’s not the case.

Another exciting thing about the Jungle Cruise is that each of its 12 currently operating boats has its own unique name. These boat names are still in use, but there is also one that has been retired for quite some time: the Magdalena Maiden. One other boat name, the Mekong Maiden, was originally retired alongside the Magdalena Maiden but was recently brought out of retirement in one of the latest renovations of the attraction. The next time you go on the Jungle Cruise, look at the sign on top of your boat, where you will find out which one you will be taking on an expedition through the Amazon River.

These are just a few of the many unknown facts about this attraction, so take a look at this website (linked here) for more information! And remember, the next time you go to Disneyland, keep these facts in mind. You never know; it could make your experience that much more magical.