How to Crochet an Octopus


How to Crochet an Octopus

This pattern is by Móhu, the link to the original is here.
This pattern is meant for beginners and it was the first pattern I was able to crochet. There is a video attached that will give a visual explanation of each stitch.

Stitches and their descriptions:
Working yarn – The yarn in your hand
Tail – The yarn that you don’t crochet with. (Shorter piece of yarn after the slip knot)
Slip knot – Wrap the yarn around two fingers and pull the working yarn through the back of the loop
Yarn over (yoh) – Wrap the yarn around the hook 360°
Chain (ch) – Yoh and pull though the loop on your hook
Single crochet (sc) – Insert hook into stitch, yoh, pull through the first loop, yoh, pull through both loops
Increase (inc) – Sc then sc again in the same stitch
Decrease (dec) – Insert hook into stitch, yoh, pull through loop, insert hook into next stitch, pull through all three loops
Slip stitch (sl) – Yoh and pull through both loops
Half double crochet (hdc) – Yoh, insert hook into stitch, yoh, pull through one loop, pull through the three remaining loops
Back loops only (blo) – Only using the back half of the stitch. (Insert hook into the middle of the “v”)

Materials needed:
Crochet hook
Sewing needle/embroidery needle
Stitch marker (a paper clip or safety pin will also work)
Safety eyes or black thread (for eyes)
Stuffing (fabric scraps or yarn scraps also work)

Make a slip knot
Row 1: 2 ch and then insert your hook into the first chain. Complete 6 sc in that stitch (total stitches: 6)
Row 2: 6 inc (total stitches: 12)
Row 3: sc and then inc (should be done 6 times) (total stitches: 18)
Row 4: 2 sc then inc (should be done 6 times) (total stitches: 24)
Rows 5-8: sc all around for all four rows (total stitches at the end of each row: 24)
Between rows 7 and 8, add eyes
Row 9: sc then dec (should be done 8 times) (total stitches: 16)
Join rows with a sl, then ch
Row 10: (blo) 2 sc then dec (should be done 4 times) (total stitches: 12)
Row 11 part 1: (skip ch that you made at the beginning of the last row) 3 dec
Row 11 part 2: 3 dec
Ch then leave a tail and cut
Pull tight and sew closed
Insert hook into one of the stitches in the ridge (made by the blo row)
yoh and pull through the stitch
5 hdc in one stitch then sl in the next stitch until you reach the end of the bumps (you should have 8 tentacles)
Tie both tails together and cut