GALA’s Got Talent

GALA’s Got Talent

As the lights dim and the audience grows quiet, a sense of budding excitement fills the auditorium. The students of this school haven’t seen a classic GALA talent show in-person since 2019. The room buzzes with anticipation.
The fantastic people who helped make this day were acknowledged, the MCs, Ferris Young (2027) and Zoe Brodsky (2024) properly introduced, and finally, the curtains opened to reveal the first act. What in the world was this touching and mesmerizing tribute to the arts? Dakota Lewis, Riley Plant, and Callie Holmes from the class of 2027 dancing to the Jurassic Park theme, and “Woman” by Doja Cat… in inflatable dinosaur costumes, of course!

The performances by the GALA students this year were unmatched, especially in the most popular talent to showcase, singing. Our youngest solo singer was Charlie Padilla (2028), singing their rendition of the song “It’s Possible” from “Seussical the Musical”, a soul-touching song from quite a silly source. Our youngest group consisted of Alexandra Adler and Luz Yahola (2028) performing the Cup Song with the choreography from Pitch Perfect! They managed to keep time while singing, which was quite impressive. Liv Pederson (2026) also sang the famous Tik Tok song “Reckless” by Madison Beer. Emma Lyons (2026) beautifully performed “Say Something” by A Great Big World. Jenny Sinnathamby (2023) sang “White Christmas.” Olivia Van Ostrander sang and Rhea Sood (2027) played on the piano “All of Me” by John Legend in a duet. Felix Hemstreet (2024) sang “Anyone” by Demi Lovato. She has dazzled us in many talent shows in previous years with her soulful voice. Emma Kenney (2025) sang “Home” from the musical “Wonderland.” Lastly, our very own Lady Treble made an appearance with leader and parent Stephanie Arbuckle’s original acappella composition, a winter medley.

Keeping on the topic of music, many of our students here at GALA have conquered the world of instruments. From electric bass to violin, our students certainly can play! Sadie Sheldon (2028) played “Hungarian Dance no. 5” by Johannes Brahms on the violin with intense fervor. Xitali Ray (2027) played “La vie en rose” on saxophone. Estie Kung and Mia Melsted (2025) played Ida’s Requiem on piano and violin. Lana Nuelander (2022) played “Sonata no. 1 in G major” by Sebastian Bach on violin. Alia Briglia (2025) played bass and sang “She” by Green Day. Isabella Suarez played Hedwig’s theme from “Harry Potter” on the violin. Sky Shannon performed “Woodland” by Paper Planes on guitar. Finally, Sadie Valentine (2024) sang and played on the ukulele “Chasing Pavements.”

Now music is wonderful, but what could make a program even better? Dancing of course! Sydney Maimon, and Clementine Birnbaum (2028) danced eerily to “Puppet Master”, which made for a wonderfully chilling performance. Anahita Lakdawalla (2024) performed to a dance track in a style of dance called Bharatanatyam. There was a similar performance from her sister Sanaya Lakdawalla (2027) later in the show. Perhaps talent is genetic! Solveig Lopez, Raquel Luna, and Julissa Williams danced to “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’”reminding us all to never doubt the power of a girl in high heeled boots.

Just these performances would have made a perfectly wonderful show, but leave it to GALA to get even more creative. Original stand-up comedy was done by MC Brodsky, discussing middle school antics, her relationship with her sister, and of course, the inevitable parent-on-TikTok. An improvised song with ukulele and vocals by Serenity Falcon (2028) was performed. Sincerely Heard (2023), with a poetry slam-style performance of the poem Alone by Maya Angelou. Sara Abdala (2025) presented a touching monologue about a 17-year-old girl struggling to save up for college and achieving her dreams of figure skating professionally. Nicole Davidoff (2027) showed off her language skills and recited a Russian fable called “Mirror and Monkey” by Ivan Krylov. We were also blessed with a full-on performance of “Cup of Roasted/Poisoned Coffee” from the musical “The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals” performed by Sadie Hoodenpyle, Piper Hoodenpyle, Mina Hoffman, Sky Shannon, Ailsa Munroe, Ivy Lee, and MC Young as well (2025-2027). Finally, Violet Cooper (2027) performed a beautiful, touching poem.

As the curtain closed, the audience cheered and hollered celebrating the show’s last act. However, unbeknownst to everyone, the “end” was not the end. Music flared up and the teachers received the spotlight we all know they deserve. Music and thunderous cheers backed dancing. They “jerked”, “whipped”, “nay-nayed”, and of course “Macarena’d” while the crowd went wild. Now that’s a Friday to remember!