GALA Winter Concert 2021



Image from the live stream of the 2021 GALA Winter Concert

On Dec. 10, 2021, GALA had its 2021 Winter Concert. GALA’s dance, choir, and acapella group Lady Treble performed. Interviewed about the event are Lexi Adler in acapella, Clementine Birnbaum in the dance elective, and Chloe Polk in the choir elective.

First, each of these students were asked what it was like to perform in the winter concert.“It was really fun, but it seemed really scary. Since my friends were there, it turned out to be okay,” Adler replied.“It was kind of terrible, but only because I was really nervous about performing,” said Polk. “It was a fun experience to have, but was nerve-wracking,” Birnbaum said.

Next, the girls were asked if they had stage fright. Adler replied by saying, “No, I didn’t. I’ve done a lot of performances, and I was in a big group so you couldn’t really hear my voice.” “I was very nervous, but it wasn’t terrible,” Birnbaum said. “Yes, so much! I was so nervous and almost cried. I have really bad stage fright,” Polk shared.

Next they were asked if they had anyone supporting them from the other side of the stage curtain in the audience.
“I had so many friends supporting me in the audience,” Adler replied. “I did have a lot of friends supporting me. I didn’t think that they would show up, but they did.” Birnbaum explained. “Yes. Some of my friends were there,” Polk stated.

Obviously, since COVID protocols are still in place, masks had to be worn during the performance. Masks affect everyone’s performance differently, especially when singing, so the students were asked if they felt the masks impacted their singing.

“Not really, but we had to be a little bit louder so the audience could hear us through the masks. We also only had three microphones for all of us,” Adler said. “Of course. Our faces are a part of the performance, so it would be more fun if we didn’t have a mask,” Birnbaum said. “It did, but not really. Since I had a mask on, the audience couldn’t hear me as clearly,” Polk said.

COVID-19 has been taking the world by storm, with the new Omicron variant spreading easier than others. As we know, the Coronavirus pandemic was still thriving through GALA’s 2021 Winter Concert. However, GALA made every effort to keep the performers and audience safe. Firstly, GALA strictly adhered to the mask mandate. Social distancing was also enforced to help the performers stay safe. These safety protocols helped the performers stay safe from COVID-19 while performing the GALA Winter Concert. The Winter Concert was only made possible because of the wonderful Heather Leppard, the sixth-grade choir elective teacher, as well as all of the fantastic student body.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work and contributions, the Winter Concert was a huge success.