Club Spotlight: Dance With Passion Club


Tsion Pescasio

Here is the Dance with Passion Club at a Thursday lunch meeting.

Have you ever wondered about GALA’s new club, the Dance with Passion Club? You’ll find everything you’d want to know about this new club here.

The Dance with Passion Club is a club that focuses on learning about the different types of dancing and how they impact the dancing world. They have club meetings on Thursdays that start from 12:20 p.m. to the end of lunch in room 505. Georgiana Hill is the club president of the Dance with Passion Club and our very own middle school Journalism teacher, Jessica Valera, is the club sponsor. The current members in the club are Sanaya Lakdawalla, Zoe O’Brien, Kimberly Pinto, and Isabella Suarez, along with their seventh-grade club president, Georgiana Hill.

Their average club meeting consists of the club first gathering and discussing what they’re learning in their dance classes and where it came from. Then, they move on to the main activity, which is usually something along the lines of learning a dance or a Kahoot quiz. The Dance with Passion Club has members teach classes about a type of dance they’re fond of or learn about a dance-related subject that the club leadership makes. They also sometimes select a dance style and learn it. Students that are in the Dance with Passion Club can learn different variations of dances. An example could be their swing dancing lesson, and an upcoming style is a tango. Hill tells us that the club has learned “four kinds of dances so far . . . ballet, swim, music video, and ballroom.”

Other than dancing, the members enjoy talking to one another, although they mostly focus on dancing. For the club’s goal, Hill has said that “the goal is to educate about all the different types of dancing and the history of dancing.” You can contact the club president by her email, which is: [email protected]. We hope to see you at the club!