Fun Valentine’s Reads

Valentine’s Day is approaching!

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular and commercialized holidays in the world. But, not everyone likes love or romance. So, here’s a curated list of Valentine’s day books for a range of readers that isn’t filled with just romance books.

Heartstopper – vol 1” by Alice Oseman

Heartstopper is a beautifully drawn YA graphic novel that deals with all kinds of love – romantic, platonic, and familial – and follows a diverse group of high school students as they discover what it means to love themselves and others.

“Charlie Spring is in Year 10 at Truham Grammar School for Boys. The past year hasn’t been too great, but at least he’s not being bullied anymore. Nick Nelson is in Year 11 and on the school rugby team. He’s heard a little about Charlie – the kid who was outed last year and bullied for a few months – but he’s never had the opportunity to talk to him.
They quickly become friends, and soon Charlie is falling hard for Nick, even though he doesn’t think he has a chance. But love works in surprising ways, and sometimes good things are waiting just around the corner…”
Genres: Graphic Novel, Contemporary, Romance, LGBTQ
Age rating & Content Warnings: 12+ | Emotionally Abusive Relationship, an incident of a non-consensual kiss, brief references to past homophobia (including slurs), and past bullying

Juliet the Valentine Fairy” by Daisy Meadows

In this special edition of the Rainbow Magic series, Rachel and Kristy must work together to help Juliet save Valentine’s Day, and make sure that all friends, families, and couples feel the love on this special day.

“This Valentine’s Day isn’t so sweet!

Where’s the love? Jack Frost and his goblins have stolen the magical objects that make Valentine’s Day so special. Now sweethearts are sad, and friends and families are fighting! Even Rachel and Kirsty aren’t getting along.

When Juliet the Valentine Fairy asks the girls for help, they can’t say no. But can Rachel and Kirsty put aside their differences and bring the sparkle back to Valentine’s Day?”

Genres: Fantasy, Children, Fiction, Fairies
Age rating: 6+

The Henna Wars” by Adiba Jaigirdar

The Henna Wars deals with complicated instances of love – loving your family but struggling with their acceptance, reconnecting with an old friend to find new experiences, and finding love in personal identity as well.

“When Nishat comes out to her parents, they say she can be anyone she wants—as long as she isn’t herself. Because Muslim girls aren’t lesbians. Nishat doesn’t want to hide who she is but doesn’t want to lose her relationship with her family. And her life only gets harder once a childhood friend returns to her life.
Flávia is beautiful and charismatic and Nishat falls for her instantly. But when a school competition invites students to create their businesses, both Flávia and Nishat choose to do henna, even though Flávia is appropriating Nishat’s culture. Amidst sabotage and school stress, their lives get more tangled—but Nishat can’t quite get rid of her crush on Flávia, and realizes there might be more to her than she realized.”
Genres: Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, LGBTQ
Age rating & Content Warnings: Young Adult | Instances of Racism, Homophobia, Bullying, and a character being outed

Abby’s Un-Valentine” by Ann M. Martin

This book is perfect for anyone who dreads the arrival of Valentine’s Day. Abby doesn’t like it either, and despite her best efforts, no one seems to understand that she just doesn’t care about love in that way. As the holiday approaches, she has to deal with frustrated friends and an unwanted admirer, who all eventually get the hint.
“Valentine’s Day is Abby’s least favorite holiday. Mushy stuff like valentines, red hearts, and a school dance turns her into a Valentine’s Scrooge. When Ross Brown, a perfectly nice guy in Abby’s English class, invites her to the dance, Abby tries to set him up with her twin sister, Anna.”
Genres: Middle Grade, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary, Holiday
Age Rating: 8-12 (Middle Grade)