Zodiac Spotlight: Aries

Here is everything you need to know about the zodiac sign, Aries, from the perspective of an actual Aries (me). While some of this information may not apply to all Aries, it’s still a fun way to look at personalities and our different tendencies.

General Information:
Aries season is considered to begin around March 21 and lasts until April 19. The Aries representative animal is a ram and its representative gemstone is a diamond. It is a fire sign with scarlet red being a common lucky color.

Aries Traits:
Some commonly known traits are confidence, determination, enthusiasm, competitiveness, and passion. We are so competitive that our sign is the first of the zodiac. However, some downsides to this zodiac sign can be a lack of patience, moodiness, impulsivity, and ruthlessness. Aries can also be stereotyped as extremely hot-headed and easily angered–a stereotype that I’ve been told fits me. If you have ever heard the phrase “look before you leap,” we tend to do the opposite.

Aries Careers:
While some of these traits can be less favorable in some situations, Aries can thrive in jobs and careers such as entrepreneurship, athletics, first responders, firefighting, or tour guiding, among others. All of these careers require a fast-paced, determined personality with lots of drive.

Fun Facts:
Aries tend to be very honest and direct
We see the big picture instead of focusing on small details
Aries are very bold and headstrong
We love to make people smile and laugh
Aries are extremely loyal to our loved ones

Aries Celebrities:
To wrap up this Aries deep-dive, here are some Aries celebrities:
Jessica Chastain
Elton John
Keira Knightley
Diana Ross
Mariah Carey
Lady Gaga
Eddie Murphy
Paul Rudd
Kristen Stewart
Saorise Ronan
Chance the Rapper
America Ferrera
Reese Witherspoon