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This is a beautifully done art work of Koi fish, the Pisces symbol.

Zodiac Spotlight: Pisces

Sam R., Podcaster June 5, 2022

The zodiac sign Pisces is a water sign. The Pisces dates are February 19- March 20. The symbol to represent Pisces are two Koi fish swimming in the opposite direction almost having a mirroring effect....


Zodiac Spotlight: Aries

Brooke W., Photographer April 29, 2022

Here is everything you need to know about the zodiac sign, Aries, from the perspective of an actual Aries (me). While some of this information may not apply to all Aries, it’s still a fun way to look...

(My cat, Styles! She is an 11-month-old orange tabby named after Harry Styles.)

What Cat Breed Are You Based Off of Your Elemental Zodiac Sign?

Chloe E., Editor, Books March 21, 2022

Cats are majestic creatures that act like they own the world. While being slightly narcissistic, cats are loyal companions to their owners. From their furry coats to their fluffy tails, cats help people...

Get To Know The Element: Earth

Lorie A., Editor, Horoscopes March 2, 2022

Before you get to know the earth elements, you must first understand what an element is in regard to astrology. To put it simply, the astrological zodiac wheel contains not only signs but elements: earth,...

What Is A Horoscope?

Lorie A., Editor, Horoscopes February 9, 2022

When one thinks of a horoscope, they typically picture a prediction of the future. Take Instagram horoscopes for example, which generally consist of a simple image with a zodiac sign and a vague prediction...

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