Stabbing Outside of LA High


Los Angeles Times

Aerial: Police response to LA High Stabbings

On Monday, May 1st, a double stabbing was reported at 4:30 pm outside of Los Angeles High School. The LAPD reported that none of the assailants, from a group of at least ten males ranging from 15 to 20 years old, were students from LA High, though the two victims were. The victims were 15 and 16 years old and sustained wounds to the back, arms, and legs.

This attack came along with a string of incidents that have recently occurred within the Los Angeles Unified School District, spurring much concern for the safety of all its students.

Two teenagers were questioned about the attack, one 14-year-old and one 17-year-old, who was arrested after being caught with a concealed handgun. However, it has been reported that their specific connection to the victims is still unclear, and the overall motive is still unknown.

According to NBC News, the attackers fled from the scene outside Los Angeles High School in two cars: A black Toyota and a red Cadillac. LAPD Chief Michael Moore reported that detectives found the red Cadillac, and inside, a second handgun and two knives were discovered.