7th period spotlight (Environmental Studies)

As many know already, climate change is worsening by the year due to human waste and pollution, and at GALA, teachers are educating their students all about that topic in the Environmental Studies 7th period elective. We interviewed three GALA students to see how they were liking this class so far: Kennedy Boyer, sixth grade, Marlena Van Zandt, seventh grade, and Esther Anastas Simpson, eighth-grade.

We started by asking Boyer a few questions about her experience in environmental studies. When asked how she likes the elective, she responded “I like it pretty well. We learn a lot of things that people do to change the climate better.”

Afterwards, Van Zandt was interviewed. When she was asked if she liked it, she said that it was her second year in the elective. She said: “I really like environmental things. It’s so much fun learning about how things change the environment.” Her favorite thing to learn about this year was a unit on food waste and the amount that people around the world generate.

Our final student, Anastas Simpson, was similarly asked how she liked the elective. She responded, “I like it well . . . quite a lot.” When asked what her favorite activity in the class was, she said that “the studies of action change was really fun and interesting.”

Everyone interviewed was also asked if wearing a mask affected their ability to learn as well. Boyer replied that it was difficult to speak clearly, but both Anastas-Simpson and Van Zandt replied that it didn’t affect their performance at all.

Lastly, we interviewed Willam Ochoa, the teacher of Environmental Studies. He said, “It has been really fun [teaching this class]. I have . . . a chance to learn a lot and so did the students.” We also asked what they have been learning lately. He told us that “We have been focusing on human change in the world . . . I have never [taught Environmental Studies but] it has been such a fun experience.”

Environmental Studies is an important and interesting elective. The class is teaching the children of the future about global warming, climate change, and many more important issues that this world’s environment is facing. With that information, kids can help solve the problems needed to help the world. We haven’t yet chosen our electives for this year, so certainly consider Environmental Studies for next year if you’re a middle schooler.