Making freebies for the Tomorrow X Together concert!

The five-member K-pop group Tomorrow X Together (also known as TXT) is stopping by Los Angeles on May 28, 2023. In typical K-pop concert culture, you’ll see people handing out freebies! For their last concert, I made freebies with one of my friends that went with me. This time my friend and I made freebies separately, however, we’ll both be going to the concert together.

This year I decided to go all out with my freebies so here was my process:

As usual, my planning process for anything takes weeks on end to figure out what exactly I want to do. Except this time, I was in a bit of a time crunch and had to figure out something to put together quickly. I asked my friend what I should do and she suggested that I make film strips.

Knowing me, I couldn’t just stop there. I quickly designed and ordered the film strips through express shipping. After that, I ordered some pink satin organza bags, a box of 56 assorted cookies, and Milkita candy. I also had mini thank-you notes printed with the film strips.

After everything finally came, it was time for me to get to work. The set of pink organza bags came in a pack of 50 so I made sure beforehand that I had at least 50 of everything. Everything I ordered except for the film strips was packaged into each bag and stored in a much larger paper bag in the meantime.

I had ordered a total of 115 prints. 100 prints with two different film strips of one of the members, Soobin, and the other film strip of his pet hedgehog Odi. The other 15 prints were the thank you notes which were cut into fours to make enough for each of the bags.

Although I have a paper cutter, I have very shaky hands when it comes to aligning the paper properly so I just decided to cut them by hand with scissors. The process took quite a while as I tried to cut in straight lines. It ended up taking about 4 days for me to get through all of them since I kept taking breaks and stopping in the middle of cutting them.

I then set aside about 6 bags and prints for my friends and made sure that everything else I needed for the concert was ready and finally, after a couple of months of preparing an outfit, putting together freebies, and making plans with my friends, I was finally concert ready!