3 ways to release stress

It’s easy to get stressed from many things, like your studies, or the current global geopolitical situation.
Activities outside and indoor
You can release stress by doing indoor and outdoor activities. You can play with your pets, siblings, friends, or your family members. You can hike or walk outdoors, or you can go running, walking, or biking to clear your mind. Lastly, you can take calming breathing exercises.
Take a rest
You can put your body to rest for a few days or even minutes until you don’t feel stressed. When you are resting you can do a lot of things such as, taking a nap, exercising a bit, eating well, and doing anything that will take care of your body.
Your Mindset
Think positive. If you think positively, it will be a lot easier to take care of yourself, and you sort of understanding what is triggering you to stress. If you think like that your health and mindset will not be harmful.