Pastries Around the World

There are many delicious pastries around the world. Here we will talk about some of the most popular pastries around the world.

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Japan (Mochi)
Mochi is a traditional Japanese cake, with a chewy texture made by pounding short-grain rice which is molded into the shape you desire. This delicious treat comes in many flavors. You can have them plain, filled with red bean paste, or even with ice cream.

Brazil (Sonho)
In Brazil Sonho mean “dream”. It is said that once you take a bite of this treat you will understand why they are named that. Sonho is a type of doughnut in with is filled with custard and covered with sugar. And are perfect to satisfy any sweet craving any day at any time.

South Korea (Bungeoppang)
Bungeoppang is a fish-shaped South Korean pastry filled with red beans. This outer part of the pastry is made with s simple batter which consists of eggs, flour, raising agents, sugar, and water. After the batter is poured into fish-shaped molds and filled with red bean paste in the middle. Once the pastry is finished the pastry will be golden brown and crispy with the red bean pasty distributed equally inside the pastry. This pastry is also known as “ice bungeoppang” in which the pastry is combined with ice cream and red bean filling.

Germany (Mandelhörnchen)
The word Mandelhörnchen means “almond horn”. This pastry is made from marzipan, almonds, and chocolate. This pastry goes well for breakfast and an afternoon snack. You can find this pastry in most German bakeries and is a must-try if you even visit Germany.

China (Fengli Su)
Fengil Su can be found in either round or rectangular-shaped pastry. This pastry is made with shortcrust filled with pineapple jam. You can also find this pastry filled with winter melon, however, the ones filled with tick pineapple jam are the most popular. Not only are these pastries popular in China but are extremely popular across other Asian countries as well.

India (Jalebi)
Jalebi is an Indian snack that is made by deep-frying maida flour batter into circular shapes and then soaking them in sugar syrup. Jalebi can be served in both hot and cold. This sweet is delicious and can be made from home too.

Argentina (Alfajor)
The word “Alfajor” comes from the Hispano-Arabic word “al-hasú” which means “the filling”. This pastry consists of two cookies and a sweet filling which is often dulce de leche. They can also be covered with powdered sugar, icing sugar, desiccated coconut, or chocolate.

Taiwan (Suncake)
Suncake is also known as “tai yang bing” is a round-shaped pastry filled with buttery maltose paste which goes will be combined with its phyllo dough. This pastry has been prepared since the Qing dynasty and has been prepared ever since and can be found in every bakery shop in Taichung.

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