Why Eco-Fashion is Good For the Environment

Why is eco-fashion good for the environment? You may think eco-fashion means a shirt covered in leaves but nope, eco-fashion looks exactly like normal clothes. Eco-fashion is made out of raw materials and recycled plastic. If you want to help the environment, try shopping from eco-fashion stores! One eco-fashion store is Back Beat co., and they have many trendy summer clothing located on their online store.

What is eco-fashion?
Ec0-fashion is a sustainable option for people. An article from Nature’s Path titled “What is Eco-Fashion and How to be Responsibly Fashionable” shows the benefits of eco-fashion and how it impacts the environment. For example, “Eco is short for ecology, or the study of interactions between organisms and their environment. Eco-fashion is any brand or line that attempts to minimize the impact on the environment, and often the health of the consumers and the working conditions for the people that are making the clothes.” I suggest you take a look at the article to get an even better understanding of eco-fashion.

When you buy from an eco-fashion store it can impact the environment a lot as well as the business owner. Eco-fashion stores aren’t recognized, and these eco-fashion stores all have a goal which is to save the planet. Eco-fashion won’t look any different than regular clothes, for example, shops use vegan leather which looks identical to the real thing! To go eco- fashion-friendly you should shop at local sustainable clothing brands and go organic. Eco-fashion can be the next big trend that won’t only be making you look fashionable but will be saving the earth.


Eco-fashion stores in Los Angeles
There are many eco-friendly clothing stores located in Los Angeles, as I mentioned before Back Beat co. is an excellent clothing brand. My neighbor owns a vegan clothing brand called BeetxBeet, she designs her clothing with amazing quality. I have bought from her clothing store many times; I love her tie-dye sweat set! The main question is… which is better quality? Regular clothes that you may have bought from Target or other stores have good quality, but is it any different from eco-friendly material? Eco clothing is made from recycled plastic or raw materials. As I go into my closet and I feel the different brands, I cannot tell the difference between regular and eco-fashion clothing! Although eco-fashion clothing can be on the more expensive side which for some goes for $198 for an “Organic Cotton Boiler Suit” at Back Beat co.


Why is eco-fashion important? Why should I buy it?
Eco-fashion is so important to our environment, it uses less waste, unlike other brands. You should definitely look into buying some eco-friendly clothes from now on. Imagine the impact it would create in our society. Hopefully, big brands can see the impact and will follow along as well. We would love to see more people wearing eco-fashion along the streets. Will you be buying some eco-fashion clothing?