Hobbies That Involve Yarn


Sarah Stierch

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Summer is getting closer and closer. This leaves time to develop new hobbies to fill in the hours of free time you will potentially have. I’d like to think that there is an endless amount of activities you can do that involve yarn. Highlighting all of them in this one article would make this article pages long, so I’m just going to stick with a few of the most popular hobbies that involve yarn.


Crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies. It was not difficult to learn, and there are many resources that help as you go. You can make simple things like granny squares and coasters, or more complex things like a cardigan with a pattern or large stuffed animals. I personally love to work on bigger projects, even if I struggle to finish them most of the time, mainly because of the excitement of seeing your progress over time. One of my first projects was a simple single crochet stitch blanket and I honestly loved it. If you want to start or continue your crocheting adventure, and want to challenge yourself, I recommend trying these patterns out:

Ripple Stitch
Daisy Afghan Blanket
Curtain Pattern
Turtleneck Sweater
Flower Bouquet


Embroidery is my current favorite hobby as it allows me to really do anything I want. There are already many videos that show multiple embroidery stitches and designs. Although embroidering flowers is the main thing I’m practicing, I also like to embroider simple designs on my pieces of clothing to add a touch of personality. Embroidery does involve thinner yarn than crocheting does, which, in my opinion, is easier to find on Amazon in bulk. There are also videos that show many basic stitches:

14 Basic Stitches
Beginner stitches
10 Leaf Designs


It is technically past cozy sweater weather, but it’s better to start now because who knows how long it could take. Knitting is something I’m not too fond of but I did enjoy learning the basics. It is a bit more complicated than other yarn hobbies, but once you get the hang of it, you won’t want to stop. Knitting doesn’t have as many possibilities as crocheting, but it does allow you to make:

Easy Heart
Square To Bunny
Knit a Blanket
Chunky Sweater

That is all for now but I will leave some more Youtube videos that have more inspiration for anything else that involves yarn!


Finger Knit A Beanie
Pom Pom Heart
Easy Bracelet
Bouquet of Flowers
Punch Needle
Bucket Hat