The Complex History of the Never Forgotten Flower

The Complex History of the Never Forgotten Flower

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Plant Facts

The Forget Me Not, or Myosotis sylvatica, stemmed from the ancient Greek words “mus” and “ous” meaning mouse and ear. The flower is part of the Boraginaceae family. These flowers have very rounded petals and short pointed leaves with pointed ends resembling a mouse ear. They grow in most parts of the world but are usually found in woodlands and minimally damp environments. These plants thrive by themselves and will spread from just a few plants. They grow best in mild to cold winter climates and do not fare well with heat. More than just adding a beautifully rare hue in flora to your garden, the Forget Me Not flowers are also dripping in meaning and fable.

There are two main fables surrounding the Forget Me Not.

One story says that when God was naming all the creatures and plants of the world in the Garden of Eden, when they had almost finished, a small blue flowered bush on the floor of the garden shouted “forget me not, Lord”. So, the little flower was named accordingly.

Another Greek fable tells the tale of a knight who deeply loved his lady. While roaming along the Danube River, the knight’s love saw a beautiful patch of small blue flowers. The knight then went to take the flowers for her and was swept away by the river and his heavy armor while managing to toss the flowers to his love. As he did, the man shouted, “forget me not.” The lady love then wore these flowers till the end of her days, leaving the flower to be known as forget me nots.


The four main meanings of the Forget Me Not:
The most common symbol is love, as shown in its fables where love triumphs even over life. The type of true love that transcends life.
These flowers also symbolize loyalty as giving them is a symbol of faithfulness and everlasting commitment.
It is also associated with remembrance and the feeling of missing someone. When your near and dear ones are away from you, you can send these flowers to convey that you miss them.
Eternal connection/devotion
Finally, they signify an eternal connection that can never be destroyed or forgotten. The connection that transcends death and memory.

All of these meanings make the Forget Me Nots the perfect flower for that person you hope never to lose or forget.