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This White Numen deck celebrates sacred animals and is the deck that I use in my readings.

How to Do a Simple Tarot Card Spread

Sigrid E., Photographer June 8, 2023

Divination, or the magic of fortune-telling, is a practice that dates back to the early second millennium, primarily in the areas within and surrounding Ancient Mesopotamia. The desire to seek answers...

Look! Its Blook-et!

Look! It’s Blook-et!

Leilana L, Staff Writer June 2, 2023

Blooket: the game that has taken GALA by storm. Blooket is a game where you test your knowledge about virtually anything while competing in certain game modes against your peers. There are so many different...

Cryptography Puzzles

Cryptography Puzzles

Alia B., Jr. Copy Editor May 12, 2023

Cryptography Puzzles These puzzles are three times more fun than your average cipher. They contain a range of difficulties, so find the one that you’re the morse comfortable with. Don’t be afraid...

Sudoku Puzzle: Fourth Edition

Sudoku Puzzle: Fourth Edition

Helen M., Section Editor, Arts April 6, 2022


Sudoku: Third Edition

Helen M., Section Editor, Arts March 21, 2022

Click here to view answers:

Sudoku Puzzle: Second Edition

Helen M., Section Editor, Arts February 8, 2022

Sudoku Answers

Crossword Puzzle: First Edition

Hannah L., Editor, Quizzes/Puzzles January 28, 2022

"What You Can Take" Crossword Crossword solution will be posted in the next issue!

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