Club Spotlight: DIY Club

There are many clubs at GALA. You can find a club for pretty much any of your interests! There’s the spectrum club, mental health club, the theater club, and many more! One club that can help you acquire new skills is the DIY club! In this article, we will be exploring how the DIY club operates and what they’ll be tackling this month.

About the DIY Club

The DIY club is mostly middle schoolers, created by sixth grader Moana Marymaya. They hold meetings every Tuesday to make new crafts such as lanyards, bracelets, and other sorts of things like decorations. This club is quite popular, with around 15-20 people in it. This club is still accepting members, so if you want to, join!


The Function of the DIY Club

The DIY club makes a lot of crafts, usually about three crafts a month, but this changes based on how long it takes them to make each craft. They make lots of seasonal crafts depending on what season it is. In October they made yarn pumpkins, and in December they made both garlands and tiny snowmen. Other than seasonal projects, they’ve also made things like friendship bracelets and lanyards. They also made ID decorations for their student IDs to add some excitement to them.

You may be wondering, though, what work goes into all of those crafts and meetings? How do they plan them? Well it takes a lot of steps. First, Marymaya has to figure out what crafts to do! They take suggestions from members of the club or find these crafts off the internet. Then, they go out, find the materials, and purchase them. The DIY club gives donations within the budget so they can continue to buy materials for the crafts. Lastly, they all make the craft together.


The Creation of the DIY Club

Marymaya was inspired to make this club because of their love for crafts and art. They say they love bonding with groups and they think arts and crafts is the perfect way to do it! Unfortunately the DIY club will be coming to an end soon. Due to lack of donations for materials, they can no longer continue the DIY club. However, that won’t stop them from making their own crafts at home!



“ Depending on how much time we spend on crafts, it takes about 1-2 days on each craft. We create about 3 crafts a month.”

“What inspired us to make this club was our love for arts and crafts. As a group, we all enjoy bonding with others and learning new things.”

“We take recommendations from our club members, but some crafts we are thinking of making Valentine’s day themed projects. Our club makes seasonal craft”

“Seasonal crafts; garlands, id decoration, snowmen, etc.”

“We do a follow along method.”

“The internet for ideas, or just come up with ideas.”

“We were doing a donation to get materials with the budget.”

“We take time and dedication to test out the crafts before we share them. Usually, the weekend before we shop for the materials we need and test the craft out together. “