Underrated Pixar Movies


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Established in 1986, Disney’s Pixar is known worldwide for its fun, whimsical, and heart-warming movies. To this day, plenty of these movies are watched and rewatched because of the pure joy and nostalgia they bring to our screens. Some have even scored the highly elusive 100% Rotten Tomatoes score, like Toy Story and Toy Story 2. Though all Pixar films are relatively popular, there are some amazing films that I feel aren’t as widely recognized or talked about anymore, and that’s exactly what I’m here to do today.

Brave is the ultimate princess movie and so happens to be Pixar’s only princess movie. A fierce princess named Merida is trying to prove to her mother, Queen Elinor, that you don’t have to fit in the princess stereotype in order to be one. Not to mention, Merida is amazingly skilled with a bow and arrow. After getting into a heated argument with her mother, Merida seeks a witch’s assistance to help cure her mother’s fixed mindset. Things quickly take a turn for the worse when the witch gives Merida a pastry that turns her mother into a bear, which are widely hated and hunted across their kingdom. Merida and her bear mother go on a quest to cure Elinor, mending their relationship along the way. This movie deserves more recognition for its beautiful animation and storyline, and in my personal opinion, Merida is one of the best princesses out there.

Cars is about, you guessed it, cars! It is a fast-paced comedy about a star rookie racer with a huge ego named Lightning McQueen. After getting lost on the way to the big Piston Cup race, he stumbles upon a worn-down old town known as Radiator Springs. Here he sees there is more to life than winning, and helps put Radiator Springs back on the map. Cars is such a great movie with top-tier humor and really tells an awesome story of how you can find love and friendship in the most unexpected places.

Monsters University is the less-appreciated prequel to the infamous and classic movie Monsters Inc. Your two favorite monsters are back, this time in college where they meet for the first time. Mike Wasowski and Sully have to join forces along with other monsters from their sorority group, Oozma Kappa, which they are not happy about, to compete in the Scare Games. If they want to remain in Monsters University’s scare program they are going to have to win these games, and their team is less than qualified, or so they thought. Mike and Sully soon discover that they need to work together if they want a shot at winning and that they might not be as incompatible after all. Monsters University is an excellent underdog movie with fun characters that will have you laughing and rooting for them the whole movie. I know, it is often said that the second movie in a franchise will never be as good as the first, but I do think it is most certainly up there with Monsters Inc.

You have probably seen at least one of these films in your lifetime, but if not, they are definitely worth checking out. And for more great Pixar movies, here is a comprehensive list. To make things even more fun, Pixar likes to hide easter eggs (here are some fun ones) from different films into their movies, so try to look for some of those while you watch! And even if you have already seen one or all of these movies, relive that nostalgia and try rewatching them for a guaranteed good time.