A Night At Moonlight Rollerway

On Friday, January 27th, GALA held a fundraiser centering on the senior class. Though fundraisers are nothing new for GALA, the night at Moonlight Rollerway was “a night to remember” says Alexis Escuadro (c/o 2023).

Given that the event was for high school students exclusively, a wide variety of people from freshman to senior year were present at the event. And that isn’t all – parents came out to support the graduating class along with having fun with their children. This night gave GALA students an opportunity to showcase their moves, like Johanna Mueller, who participates in roller derby outside of GALA. Mueller notes that the skating night “was very fun, though at times it is embarrassing due to the expectation (that I) would do well – however, the first thing I did was fall flat on my butt.” Through scrapes and tumbles, students were seen smiling throughout the night.

For those that did not know how to skate prior to the event, their peers were eager to assist them in any way they could, including getting them walkers to skate with. Miranda Smith, who also attended last year’s fundraising event, noted that this year’s batch of high school exclusive attendees allowed for more in-depth conversations. She also expressed how she is looking forward to the event next year.

Despite the night not going down in any history books, it sure will be encapsulated in the GALA yearbook as well as in our hearts.