GALA’s National Honors Society Ceremony: Regal and Proud with a Side of Giggly

Founded in 1921, the National Honors Society is a nationwide organization for high school students in the United States and outlying territories. Its student selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character.

The introduction of the 41 new members from GALA took place in a regal, proud, but giggly fashion on October seventh. I walked in as pupils lined up in front of their fellow new members, as well as members registered the year before, to recite the four pillars of the society, baring a lit candle in one hand, their scripts in the other.

Students sat in alphabetical order, organized as they would be called upon to recite the pillars of the society like the previous clusters had.

After speaking before their small audience, students would simultaneously blow out their candles, step forth, and allow the next line of new members to follow in tune.

Following the recitements, the time came for the 41 GALA students to step through the threshold and sign their names as official National Honors Society members.

Whenever Mrs. Leifield called on a student to come forth and sign, the room erupted in whoops and claps, genuinely exemplifying the support and encouragement amongst the students at GALA.

The atmosphere was regal-esque and prideful. I felt as though Edward Elgar’s composition, known to be played at graduation ceremonies, should have been playing while students signed their names.

To conclude the ceremony, Mrs. Leifield invited the room to join in singing the GALA Alma Mater. Initially, I thought the performance was awkward, but as I glanced around the room, I noticed a couple of pairs of friends throwing their arms over each other’s shoulders, giggling at the awkward feel, though you could see they were proud of themselves and their fellow students. I rediscovered the performance as collective and sweet.

Congratulations to the 35 juniors and six seniors who were introduced as new members of the Nationals Honors Society today. Be proud of yourselves. The look on Dr. Hick’s and Ms. Hallinan’s face say for all of GALA how proud we are of you.