Winter Concert 2022


One of GALA’s choir’s performs at the show.

Each year, it is a tradition at GALA to host the Winter Concert in which the dance elective, choir, and a cappella group perform. Parents, students, and teachers are all encouraged to attend and support those involved. The concert aims to be a warm introduction to the holiday season, and this year was no different. The show was on December 1st, 2022, a perfectly gray and gloomy day to celebrate the upcoming holidays. As per usual, it was held in Corwin Theater on the L.A. High School campus, freshly decked out in garland and holiday lights for the occasion.

Lady Treble, the school’s a cappella group led by Ms. Stephanie Richards. started the show with their arrangement of the “National Anthem.” They also sang Ms. Richards’ holiday medley, a GALA classic. The crowd sang along passionately to the mix of holiday songs. And, completely out of left field, they switched up “I Saw the Sign” from Pitch Perfect and sang their parody, “I Solved for Sine.” Clearly, at GALA, STEM is everywhere, even in the arts.

After a brief introduction by Ms. Hannah Williams, the dance instructor, the dance elective took to the stage and put on two group pieces and a duet. The first was an upbeat piece to Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath the Tree.” The popularity of the song and the energy of the dance was a great start to the show, putting everyone in high spirits that would last throughout the concert. Next was a duet, choreographed and performed by GALA middle school students Sydney M. and Lexi A. The applause and cheering following their dance, which lasted well into Ms. Hannah’s next introduction, was extremely heartening and exemplified the community within the school. The dance elective’s set ended with a group piece that managed to include everyone and showcase each person’s individual talents.

The Serenada Choir is GALA’s newest choir, a middle school general music class turned singing group under the instruction of Ms. Heather Leppard. They performed next and had no shortage of energy. I can find no word to describe watching their performance other than “fun.” Watching them perform was extremely fun and a great way to lead into the choir elective’s performance. The choir elective, also under Ms. Leppard, is a mix of middle and high school students that sing together every day. Their professionality showed their dedication to the art, and after their set, Ms. Leppard said some emotional words of encouragement that ended with a group hug, a truly lovely way to end the show.

To those who attended, thank you, and we hope to see you again next year. Thanks also to the parent and student volunteers who helped organize and set up the show. And, I’d like to extend special recognition and appreciation on behalf of the school to the seniors who’ve been running the show since the tradition began, so enormous thanks and congratulations to them on a successful final Winter Concert!