GALA in 2023: What can we Expect for the Spring Semester?

GALA’s first semester of the school year has come to an end, meaning no more finals until the end of the 2022-2023 school year! GALA’s events last semester like the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, the Goddess Games, the Winter Concert, and many more were a huge success. This semester is expected to be just as good, so what’s in store for this new year with GALA?

Last year, GALA hosted a traditional homecoming dance for high schoolers under the theme “enchanted forest.” This year, GALA has a couple more dances planned for its students that will be just as great as homecoming. For high school students, juniors and seniors are having their official prom a little later in the spring semester. On the middle-school side, eighth graders will be having their spring dance. It’s set under the theme “winter floral.”

Like Hispanic Heritage Month in September, two more racial history/heritage months are coming up. Every school year on the last school day of February, GALA holds a Black History Month celebration during seventh period. Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is in May, and GALA holds a similar celebration. Both events are held with multiple small stands, each stand showing a different piece of history or culture from the heritage.

While winter sports are almost done with their season, spring sports are ready to kick off on their own. For this season’s sports, we have swimming, lacrosse, and track, all beginning tryouts and having their first meetings. The three sports are having their tryouts on January 25th and 26th, while practices and the official seasons will start on the 1st of February. Good luck to any lacrosse, track, and swim players that wish to make the team!!

Now, these are just some of the more popular events GALA has been planning, so of course there’s more to come this semester. Other events to come can be just as good as the traditional ones. Hopefully, this spring semester will be just as great and eventful as the fall was, if not more so.