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So You Want to Read the News, but Dont Know Where to Start?

So You Want to Read the News, but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Miette T. February 18, 2024

As a student, I always want to stay up to date with the latest news and what’s going on in the world. As a teenager, however, I find most news sources somewhat overwhelming and difficult to understand....

Compost Pile

From Green to Brown to Green Again: Composting in LA

Miranda S., Staff Writer June 8, 2023

Decomposing is the process of organic matter decaying, ultimately resulting in compost. Compost is produced by a variety of organic materials that get broken down by bugs, microorganisms, and bacteria,...

A Guide to Pride

A Guide to Pride

Lorie A., Co-Current Events Editor June 8, 2023

West Hollywood, arguably the Pride capital of California, is scheduled to have numerous LGBTQ+-themed activities, parades, and meetings throughout June. Below is the masterlist. Greater Los Angeles...

Dive into an LA City Pool Near You

Dive into an LA City Pool Near You

Ariani R., Arts and Entertainment Editor June 5, 2023

If you, like just about anyone else in Los Angeles this summer, are looking for a way to stay away from LA heat, you may want to consider checking out any one of the many city pools. The City of Los Angeles...

The Ecosystem of Trash Island

The Ecosystem of Trash Island

Bella B., Jr. Editorial Editor June 2, 2023

Between the coast of Japan and the coast of California, currents form whirlpools of trash, forming “trash islands.” A recent study published by the Nature Ecology & Evolution Journal has discovered...

Aerial: Police response to LA High Stabbings

Stabbing Outside of LA High

Mac M., Co-Current Events Editor May 16, 2023

On Monday, May 1st, a double stabbing was reported at 4:30 pm outside of Los Angeles High School. The LAPD reported that none of the assailants, from a group of at least ten males ranging from 15 to 20...

Space Spiral

Space Spiral

Lorie A., Co-Current Events Editor May 12, 2023

On April 20th, a faint blue spiral resembling a galaxy appeared amid the aurora for a few minutes over Alaska. The cause? Excess fuel from SpaceX’s launch of a rocket in California three hours before...

Bed Bath & Beyond Closes Its Doors

Bed Bath & Beyond Closes Its Doors

Quincy R., Executive Editor May 12, 2023

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy that new shower curtain, bath mat, or electric tea kettle, next month will sadly be the ideal time to do it at Bed Bath & Beyond. The giant 52-year-old...

DJ Kènè ō doing a set at Black Market Flea

Shop Small, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Brook’Lynn A., Sr. Learn Something Editor May 12, 2023

It’s time to slow down on supporting fast fashion brands like H&M, Shein, and FashionNova whenever we can. These brands outsource production via sweatshops in the global south, making production...

A banner hung near the site of construction.

Cop City Construction

Mac M., Co-Current Events Editor April 28, 2023

Just last week, the construction of what critics are calling “Cop City,” officially known as the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, was put in motion, initially authorized in 2021 by Atlanta’s...

Lisa Frank

The Forgotten Legacy of Lisa Frank

Avery P., Staff Writer April 28, 2023

Rainbows. Glitter. Unicorns. Blinding colors. Acid trip or Lisa Frank product? A brand that once dominated the school supply and stationery market in the 1980s and 90s has since faded into the memories...

Patterns of sea surface temperature during El Niño and La Niña episodes

Scientists Predict a “Super El Niño”–But wait, what’s that?

Kana D., Editor-in-Chief April 28, 2023

This year, in my AP Environmental Science class, I’ve learned about a weather phenomenon involving changing wind patterns and ocean surface temperatures called La Niña and El Niño. It is a process...

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