Febrewary: Coffee Shops in LA Review (Part 2)

Blue Bottle Liége Wafel

Welcome to Part 2 of our Sip or Dip series!

We’re back with more brewing reviews of coffee shops in LA. This time, we went to Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop and Blue Bottle Coffee to see if they were a Sip or Dip. Double blue for you!

Blue Bottle Coffee (reviewed by Caitlyn): You may have spotted a Blue Bottle Coffee shop at some point during your time in LA because of how common the locations are. According to Blue Bottle’s website, their mission is to create an open and welcoming environment with the best quality coffee along with the best quality service. I went with my usual Blue Bottle order: a vanilla oat milk latte with an extra pump of vanilla syrup.

This cup of oat-y and vanilla-y goodness is the perfect sip for those who prefer a creamier coffee consistency with a light sweetness. Your coffee can be customized to your liking of preferred milk and sweetness to fulfill your Blue Bottle experience. I highly suggest getting their heavenly Liége wafel as well to form the perfect pairing with their smooth coffee. Another sip and a bite to go with it!


Bluestone Lane Coffee Shop (reviewed by Brooke): If you are a returning Febrewary fan, you may remember that in the last issue, I reviewed one of my favorite coffee places. But this time I decided to venture out and try a place that I had never been to before. I’ve passed by Bluestone Lane Coffee many times before and the cute exterior and aesthetic view through the window always stood out to me. I was so excited to try it, especially after looking at their website and seeing that they are an Australian-inspired cafe with original locations in New York.

There were many options, but I went with a cold brew with a splash of milk and one pump of sweetener. The coffee was delicious and had an amazing flavor, and anyone who enjoys a nice iced coffee would surely agree. They also have many milk alternatives in case you have a preference! In addition, one look at their food will definitely convince you. One thing to consider is that they tend to be pricier than other places because of their high-quality coffee, but it’s definitely a spot for a once-in-a-while treat!

Even if you aren’t from California, they have locations all over the country, so give it a try! I’d say it was definitely a sip!

As coffee lovers, we loved reviewing these coffee shops throughout our Sip or Dip series and hope you enjoyed our reviews! We highly recommend you check out these places and discover your own sips in Los Angeles.

If you ever visit any of these coffee places, comment with your order and what you thought: Sip or Dip?