How are all of the Pixar Movies Connected?

Have you ever been thinking, how are all of the Pixar movies connected? You’ll find the answer in this very article.

As we all know, films from Pixar have been very successful, examples being, “Up”, “Inside Out”, and “Coco”. Pixar animations are even more popular than Disney animations! All 24 movies are all somehow connected because of the hidden easter eggs in each one, some of them being in the background. This article will be pointing out some of the canon connections to show that all Pixar movies are related.

The first one is about the character, Boo from “Monsters, Inc.”. It was actually confirmed that she is the witch from “Brave” because, in the witch’s room, there was a secret easter egg with a carving of Sully from ‘Monsters, Inc.’ in the background. Another easter egg from that scene in “Monsters, Inc.”, is when Boo brings out her toys to Sully, but one of those toys seems to be Nemo from “Finding Nemo”.

Moving on from “Monsters, Inc.”, in “Finding Dory”, Dory says that “the closer in proximity to humans fish are, the smarter they can become” (Debra Garcia). A few years after “Finding Dory”, the setting changes to France, meaning “Ratatouille”; it has come to Dory’s conclusion that fish, or in this case, animals, can in fact be smarter when being closer to humans because Remy becomes really intelligent when he’s with a human and even cooks like one. These pieces of evidence mentioned right now and the next ones may not be timely ordered, but they still connect with one another.

Going back to “Finding Nemo”, there have been a lot of Nemo easter eggs way before the movie even came out because he has been easter eggs as: a painting on the octopus cook’s background from one of the other “Monsters, Inc.” sequels (or just from “Monsters, Inc.” itself), one of Boo’s toys, a figure of Nemo pasted on a wall in another scene in a Pixar movie, and a few more. Putting Nemo aside, “Big Hero 6” also has a connection to the evidence mentioned, even though it’s not a Pixar movie. “Big Hero 6” has a connection because in one scene, in Hiro’s room, if looked closely towards his desk, it’s clearly showing a deactivated white, circular robotic head; it’s because that head is the head of Eve from “Wall-E”. Some more evidence of the connection of all the Pixar films are that: in one of the Incredibles movies, in the scene where the whole family is eating their dinner, they’re eating some of their food from Chinese to-go boxes, matching up to the same kind of Chinese to-go box that showed up in “A Bug’s Life”.

In the most recent movie from Pixar, “Turning Red”, on Miriam’s skateboard, you can slightly see the “Lightyear” sticker on it. From ‘Turning Red’, one of the scenes shows that the “Finding Nemo” sticker is on one of the bathroom stall doors, seen in the background as a plan to see 4 Town in concert was being made by Mei and her best friends. There aren’t a lot of connections coming from “Turning Red”, but there are a few of them.

The main easter egg that makes a huge connection with every Pixar movie is the Pizza Planet truck. That one Pizza Planet truck has been hidden in every one of the movies ever since the very beginning; it has been shown in movies like “Brave”, “Ratatouille”, and “Turning Red”. In “Ratatouille”, the truck is shown at the far back left crossing the bridge as Skinner chases Remy through the streets, while in “Brave”, you can spot it as a wooden version of it in the witch’s workshop. Another movie that Pizza Planet truck can be spotted is in “Turning Red”, where it’s parked on the street during a scene where Mei is running home from school after transforming into the red panda. There are way more movies from Pixar that have at least one scene or second of the Pizza Planet truck.

It may have been nostalgic or very recent about the topic of Pixar. From what evidence was shared in this article, there are plenty more connections from different Pixar movies. With those of the connections mentioned above, this article can partially confirm that all of the movies that have been produced by Pixar are, in fact, exist within the same universe! Yet, it was already canonically confirmed that all the movies were set in the same universe. Hopefully, this information about Pixar movies has been learnt to those who didn’t know about them.