How to Make an Origami Box

Origami was invented in Japan after Japanese artisans were introduced to the art of Chinese paper folding. There have been an endless variety of creative ideas brought to life through the art of folding paper. Some common creations of origami that you might be familiar with are paper airplanes, paper cranes, and paper fortune tellers.

This step-by-step tutorial will instruct you on how to make an origami box. You can use your origami box as a holder for your keys and jewelry or make one when you want to give a loved one a small present in cute packaging.


2 sheets of origami paper
7.5 cm by 7.5 cm
They can be any color or pattern of your choice
One sheet of origami paper will be used for the base, while the other sheet will be used for the lid. Both sheets will follow the same instructions.


  1. Place the origami paper with the colored side facing up.
  2. Match one corner of the paper with the opposite corner from it.
  3. Repeat the same folds with the other corners of the paper.
  4. Open the paper and fold each corner to the middle of the paper.
  5. Place your paper as a square on your surface and fold both sides to the middle.
  6. Open those folds and open the sideways corner folds.
  7. Fold half of the top half of the paper down to the middle.
  8. Repeat the folds from the previous step with half of the bottom half of the paper.
  9. Take the left corner and fold it down sideways to the third line of the paper.
  10. Repeat the folds from the previous step with the right side to the fifth line.
  11. Unfold both sides and flip your paper upside down.
  12. Repeat the folds from Steps 10 and 11 on both sides.
  13. Unfold both sides and place your hands behind the flaps to push them up from the sides until you form a box shape.
  14. Fold the flaps down to hold the box shape in place.
  15. Optional: Tape down the flaps inside the box to hold their place.

I hope you enjoyed creating this fun little craft and that it adds a nice touch to your home or gift!