Febrewary: Coffee Shops in LA Review (The Finale)


Hey Febrewers! Did you miss us? We’re back with one final coffee review before our departure from “The Echo.” This review spotlights some of our favorites: Verve Coffee Roasters and Aroma Coffee and Tea that we know are sips. Fittingly, favorites for the finale!

Verve Coffee Roasters (reviewed by Caitlyn): Verve Coffee Roasters have locations all around Los Angeles and the world. According to Verve’s website, they prioritize and handle each step of their coffee-making process with much care. Their coffee is roasted from their origin city of Santa Cruz, California. I went with my go-to coffee order: an iced vanilla latte.

Their iced vanilla latte is the best sip on any day, especially a hot summer one. The balance of their specially handled coffee with the burst of vanilla flavor is some of the best you can get in Los Angeles. Once you enter their shop, not only are you welcomed with a warm and friendly environment, but you’re guaranteed a wonderful experience of brewed and baked goods. I highly recommend you check them out! Definitely a sip in my book!

Aroma Coffee and Tea (reviewed by Brooke): Aroma Coffee and Tea is a cute little cafe on Tujunga boulevard in Los Angeles. Since it used to be an actual house, it has a lovely layout with tables inside and outside that bring a cozy and homey atmosphere. On chilly days they even light the fireplace that creates a feeling of warmth. This has been one of my favorite coffee places for a long time, and since this is the Febrewary finale, I decided to bring it home for the final review.

Like usual, my order was a cold brew with a splash of milk and a pump of sweetener. The coffee was perfect! Just the right amount of sweetness with a yummy bitter kick, making it the best refresher for a warm afternoon. The staff are also so nice and personable. A great experience all around! If you’re ever looking for a good cup of coffee, Aroma is definitely one of my top recommendations. Another delightful sip!

Thank you to everyone who read our Febrewary articles! We appreciate all the love and support we’ve received from our Sip or Dip series. We really enjoyed writing and sharing these reviews with you all. Keep sipping!