It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!

It’s that time of year again.

That’s right, it’s Girl Scout cookie season.

Girl Scout cookie season usually runs from January to April. By buying cookies, you’re supporting the girls and their troops as they build entrepreneurial skills and work to fund service projects, troop travel, and summer camp.

This year is special because of the introduction of a brand-new cookie. Raspberry Rally. Raspberry Rally is described as a “thin, crispy cookie infused with raspberry flavor, dipped in a chocolaty coating.” These new cookies will only be available on the Girl Scout Cookies website starting February 27. This cookie will be joining other fan favorites such as Samoas, Tagalongs, and, of course, Thin Mints.

Another change coming with the new season of cookies is pricing. Previously, all cookies were $5, with the exception of Toffee-tastic and S’mores which were $6. This year, however, all cookies will be $6. This price change helps fund the aforementioned Girl Scout endeavors and projects even more.

You can purchase cookies from one of the many Girl Scouts around campus or you can locate cookie booths by entering your zip code in the Find Cookies! search box. You can also contact your local Girl Scout council. Council staff or volunteers can help you find a cookie booth near you.