Leith Ross’ New Music: Sad, Queer, Indie Teens Rejoice

One of the Indie genre’s most wonderful upcoming artists, Leith Ross, is releasing new music! They have released a clip of the song, part of what we think is the chorus, through the online platform TikTok, and the clip is incredible solely on its own. The lyrics we know, as of now, go as such:

“I wanna be
I wanna buy you
Pretty little things
And never ever lie to you
Watch you get dressed and
Compliment your taste
I’d be better arm-ed
If you agreed to take it”

So far, the song seems to be about the simple wants of love; Not the dramatic longing for another, or the passion of romance, but the simplicity of wanting to spend time with someone. The song is written from the perspective of someone just effortlessly confessing to their most tender and simple wants: to be with their lover, to buy them things to bring them joy, to offer their arm to them, only if they want it. It’s refreshing since music so often exploits the dramatic. Heartbreak, true love, etc etc. This gives voice to the calmness of love, and how it can make you feel safe. More importantly, it validates this aspect of it, for people who feel like love has to be passionate are perhaps scared to fall in love because they don’t want that kind of intensity.

Leith has touched on this general subject in her most popular song: “We’ll Never Have Sex.”
This slow, quietly heart-wrenching song is about wanting to love without the expectation of physical intimacy – the beauty of accepting someone as enough without needing them to do more than hold your hand or kiss you. I was prone to spend hours staring at the ceiling, lying on my bed, and listening to that song months after I first heard it. I think the reason it resonated with so many people, especially women (and those socialized as such) is modern society’s tendency to declare women promiscuous if they are intimate with people and prudish and stuck up if they are not. Oftentimes, women are used for their bodies and the idea that you can find someone who only wants what you want to give them means so much to so many.