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February Galentines Edition Cover

The Lilith: February Galentine’s Edition

February 14, 2024

The Lilith Staff is so excited to present our February Galentine's Edition just in time for the Valentine's Day. With love and thanks, The Staff of The Lilith

Contribute to The Lilith: February Edition celebrating Black History Month

Contribute to The Lilith: February Edition celebrating Black History Month

January 10, 2024

The Lilith Staff will be publishing a Black History Month Edition at the beginning of February. We are asking the GALA community to submit fictional pieces (stories), poems, and photography that celebrate...

Lilith winter flyer

The Lilith: December “Winter Wonderland” Edition will arrive on December 14!

December 6, 2023

The December Winter Edition will be coming soon. 12.14.23!

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Hobbies That Involve Yarn

Daisy P., Jr. Learn Something Editor June 5, 2023

Summer is getting closer and closer. This leaves time to develop new hobbies to fill in the hours of free time you will potentially have. I’d like to think that there is an endless amount of activities...

Book Review: The Ever Controversial Lolita

Book Review: The Ever Controversial Lolita

Kana D., Editor-in-Chief June 2, 2023

Disclaimer: The following is an Opinion Piece from The Echo's Editorial Section. An opinion piece is one in which a writer expresses a firmly developed opinion that is supported by study, reasoning, and...

Mashing Two Holidays in One, GALAs Earth/Pi Day Celebration

Mashing Two Holidays in One, GALA’s Earth/Pi Day Celebration

Bryanna C., Fun & Games Editor June 2, 2023

Two important holidays happen on the same day. Firstly, Earth Day, a day centered on giving back to the earth by keeping it clean and educating ourselves about how we can keep it healthy. Second, Pi Day,...

Look! Its Blook-et!

Look! It’s Blook-et!

Leilana L, Staff Writer June 2, 2023

Blooket: the game that has taken GALA by storm. Blooket is a game where you test your knowledge about virtually anything while competing in certain game modes against your peers. There are so many different...

Making freebies for the Tomorrow X Together concert!

Making freebies for the Tomorrow X Together concert!

Jade M., Photographer June 2, 2023

The five-member K-pop group Tomorrow X Together (also known as TXT) is stopping by Los Angeles on May 28, 2023. In typical K-pop concert culture, you’ll see people handing out freebies! For their last...

Remembering Ms. Harris

Remembering Ms. Harris

Juju G, Advertising Creator May 18, 2023

These past few weeks, both GALA and Los Angeles High have mourned the loss of our beloved, bubbly, and kind librarian, Ms. Tikisha Harris. Ms. Harris helped GALA establish a proper school library, and...

Seeing spots? Try Pointalism!( or go see a doctor)

Seeing spots? Try Pointalism!( or go see a doctor)

Johanna M., Staff Writer May 18, 2023

One of the most distinct art styles to come out of the impressionist era is Pointillism. Pointillism is a technique in which an artist uses hundreds of small dots of paint to create a piece as opposed...

A banner hung near the site of construction.

Cop City Construction

Mac M., Co-Current Events Editor April 28, 2023

Just last week, the construction of what critics are calling “Cop City,” officially known as the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, was put in motion, initially authorized in 2021 by Atlanta’s...

Animal Spotlight: Whale sharks!

Animal Spotlight: Whale sharks!

Giovanna L., Photographer April 28, 2023

Whale Sharks, their scientific name being Rhincodon typus, are the largest fish and shark species in the world. In addition to their size, they’re fascinating, complex creatures. They can grow more...

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