super bowl!

The Game
This year’s Super Bowl will go down in history for many reasons. This Super Bowl was held at the new Los Angeles So-Fi Stadium, the Rams’ new home stadium. This contributes to another coincidence for the Rams. They made it to the Super Bowl the year that it was hosted at their home stadium, which has only happened one other time in National Football League history–last year when the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans played. This Super Bowl was the LA Rams versus the Cincinnati Bengals. It was a close game, with the Rams in the lead for the first half. But then, in the second half, the Bengals held onto the lead for nearly the rest of the game. Finally, the Rams saved the day and scored an amazing touchdown in the last minutes to win the game by three points.

The Halftime Show
The halftime show had all the OGs from LA! It was a historic set to be sure, as it was the first-ever Super Bowl halftime show that offered up strictly rap and hip-hop. It included Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar, along with an emphasis on West Coast rap, since Dre, Lamar, and Snoop all hail from southern California, where Super Bowl LVI took place. A statement that Dr. Dre put out earlier that week stated that “We’re going to open more doors for hip-hop artists in the future and make sure that the NFL understands that this is what it should have been a long time ago.” While it was a fantastic show with iconic music, it was also a part of a more significant movement. That ’90s hip-hop titans were very much still here and to remind everyone who rounded hip hop rap today. Also to remind everyone about the struggle and movement that Black creators and artists have to get noticed and that they are ready to boost more people of color to get noticed.