College Spotlight: Yale University

College: Yale
Amount of Undergraduate Degrees: 81
Majors & Courses: 80 majors and 2,000 courses.
Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Type of College: Private Ivy League

Home to “Handsome Dan” and the legendary “Yale Daily News,” Yale is perhaps one of the most esteemed universities of them all.

Founded in 1701, but officially known as Yale starting in 1718, Yale has always trailblazed the way for higher education. With its engaging academics and picturesque campus, it’s not hard to see why many students across the world want to go to Yale.

But why Yale over other schools?

Today I will explore several factors and provide information to help students decide if they want to apply to Yale University for college.

Yale University has many achievements in its records. It is home to the first college daily newspaper, the “Yale Daily News,” a renowned college newspaper read across the world. And, it created the first-ever university-based department of clinical pharmacology. Furthermore, Yale explains that its cancer center has also been noted as one of the U.S.’ inaugural comprehensive cancer centers.

Though Yale’s achievements are most definitely note-worthy, one of their most honorable triumphs is the enchanting atmosphere and student life on the campus. With 15 welcoming libraries, over ten cozy cafes, and a variety of student-run clubs; Yale is a magical place for college students.

Yale has countless traditions, such as the Holiday Dinner that takes place once fall midterms are done. During this dinner, the first years get the opportunity to hang out in the Commons. Another tradition of Yale’s is the yearly Harvard vs. Yale football game. Even if you’re not an avid football fan, in the days leading up to this lively event, other gatherings and celebrations take place.

Beyond traditions, students at Yale get to meet a variety of students thanks to the residence halls on campus. Yale University is home to 14 residential halls for undergraduates to mix students from different fields of study and majors together. There, Yalies will meet their dorm members and potential lifelong friends and colleagues. Of course, friendships aren’t just limited to student life at Yale.

Yalies will meet many lifelong friends in the majors they pursue, as well as courses. With around 2,000 courses and 80 majors, the academics at Yale are bountiful. From Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry to Theater and Performance Studies and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, Yale has it all.

Not to mention, Yale also has countless opportunities for its students. Yale has study abroad programs in Australia, Bhutan, Columbia, Costa Rica, France, and more; additionally, they have many research centers, institutes, and laboratories.

From the rigorous academics to the lively student life, Yale is certainly an enchanting college. If you are interested in learning more about Yale University, visit, and if you’re considering applying visit