The Lilith: A New Beginning


This creative piece was created for The Lilith by 12th grader Madison M. in Ms. King’s Virtual Branding & Design Class.

The Lilith is GALA’s new literary magazine, a collection of short stories, poetry, art, essays, and other forms of creative writing and expression, all created and edited by students. Our namesake, Lilith, derives from the figure of Judaic mythology, known for being the first wife of Adam before leaving him for freedom. Historically demonized for this assertion of her equality and independence, modern feminists have reclaimed her story and retold it to be one of autonomy and empowerment. Inspired by this reclamation, retelling, and reshaping of narratives, we proudly assert our creative and artistic power and loudly proclaim our new name, The Lilith.

Look for our first issue titled GALAween, which will be coming out on October 24.