The GALA Library is Open

GALA students have been anticipating the opening of the school library. Reading is such an important part of most students’ lives, and libraries are amazing resources of literature. If you’re reading fiction, you get to step out of your own world and enter a fantastical one, and if you’re enjoying nonfiction, you can learn something new.

Libraries are an important part of this process. First of all, they are free. Instead of spending your money on a book you’re not sure you would enjoy, you can borrow it and see if you like it. Libraries, especially school libraries, teach responsibility to students to keep track of their borrowed books, and the consequences of having a late or lost book.

I spoke to our lovely librarian, Ms. Harris, about the GALA Library, and she explained, “The library is open on Mondays during lunch and wellness. It’s also open all day on Thursday.” Upon further discussion, Ms. Harris also stated that she “technically [runs] the library as the teacher-librarian. [She is] the person who is in charge of circulation and the day-to-day operations of the library. However, [she does] have three junior librarians, Juju, Kia, and Chloe. They help [her] with interfiling and the processing and cataloging of books.”

In addition to having a library, we also have a library club, founded by Delia Mizrahi. I got a chance to speak to Delia about the club, and I learned that the library club meets every other Thursday in the library, usually towards the end of lunch. In the library club, they meet to discuss what books they are currently reading and share book recommendations. Its advisor is Ms. Harris, and it is a great place to meet and discuss books with fellow students!

The GALA library is located in Room 407 on GALA’s main campus, and it is the perfect place to crack open a book and relax during your breaks in the school day.