Upcoming Spring Fashion Trends 2022

Fashion trends change every year and every season. Well, this is a new year, and with every new year comes the top fashion trends. Here we will discuss upcoming trends for spring 2022.

Let’s get started!

Low-Slung Waist
The low-slung waist is a trend returning this spring, getting back into the 2000s era. Low-rise jeans are making a comeback this year, but not just low-rise jeans. To even add more to the ‘00s look, you can style low-waist jeans with crop tops to fully enhance the ‘00s look.

Pleated Skirts
Pleated skirts have always been a trend and have shown up on multiple runways. This year is no exception. With that being said, spring 2022 is all about pleated midi skirts. There are no rules; you can wear printed, plain, colorful, etc.

Accessorized Legs
For each trend, many styles are dependent on the season. This year for spring 2022, accessorizing your legs will be a huge trend. Thigh-high boots with feathered trims, laced legging, and embroidered hosiery will make their way to be one of the top trends for spring 2022.

Netted Knits
Knitwear was never really a trend, but this year knits are going to be a “more grown-up glow-up.” Knitwear can range anywhere from tops, vests, trousers, skirts, and bags. The best thing about knits is that they can be worn to date nights in cities or even to go to the beach. Knits will be a major trend for both spring and summer 2022.

Bulky Bags
Time for accessories to complete this spring look for 2022. Bulky bags will be seen throughout spring. Totes and handbags will be one way of completing the entire look for your outfit. The bigger and bulkier the bag, the better.

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