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Members from left to right: Jungwon (top), Sunoo (lower), Jay (top), Sunghoon (lower), Heeseung (top), Jake lower), Ni-ki (last)

ENHYPEN (also stylised as EN-) is a seven member boy group formed by BELIFT Lab. The group was constructed from the remaining contestants of the K-Pop survival show I-LAND and debuted on the 30th of November 2020.

The name of the group was described to be like a ‘hyphen’, similar to how “hyphens connect words to make new meanings, the members will connect, discover each other, and grow together”. Although the group’s name is frequently stylised as EN-, it is pronounced “EN-HYPE-N”, which has frequently caused confusion among their fans

The members of ENHYPEN are Heesung, Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, and Ni-ki. Being that they had a survival show, they quickly gained popularity after their debut. With the help of their fans, called “ENGENE”, they won their first award for “Rookie Of the Year” in the 2021 Seoul Music Awards.

The fandom ‘ENGENE’ comes from the concept of how an engine works. The fans are the ‘engines’ that will help ENHYPEN to grow and keep going but, ‘ENGENE’ can also be referred to ENHYPEN’s ‘gene’(hense how it’s spelled). ENHYPEN and ENGINE are thought of to share the same DNA to discover,connect and grow together.

So far the group has had two EP’s, one album and one repackage album. They also have two Japanese versions of two of their songs along with two other Japanese singles. Those include:

Border: Day One (EP)
Dimension: Dilemma (Album)
DIMENSION: ANSWER(Repackage Album)
Border: Hakanai(JPN Ver.)
Dimension:Senko(JPN Single)
Always(JPN Digital Single)

Other than winning the ‘Rookie Of The Year’ award, ENHYPEN has also won a significant number of other awards since their debut. To list a few:

2022 Golden Disc Awards: ‘Album Division Bonsang’
2021 Melon Music Awards: ‘Global Rising Artist’
2022 Seoul Music Awards: ‘Best Performance Award’
2021 The Fact Music Awards: ‘Artist Of The Year’

Now introducing the members of ENHYPEN!

Jungwon is the leader of ENHYPEN. He likes to sing, dance, and do taekwondo. His training period was 1 year and 4 months and he was a former SM Entertainment and BigHit Entertainment trainee

Fun fact: Jungwon ranked first place in the finale of I-LAND.

Heesung has the center position in ENHYPEN. His training period was 3 years and 1 month with BigHit Entertainment. He also trained and became close with the K-Pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER, or TXT.

Fun fact: Heesung has perfect pitch, which was shown in an episode of a reality show called Weekly Idol.

Jay’s position in the group has not yet officially been confirmed. His training period was 2 years and 11 months with LP Dance Academy and BigHit Entertainment. His special qualities are hip-hop bouncing and dance

Fun fact: He was born in Seattle, Washington but later moved to South Korea at age 9.

Jake’s position in ENHYPEN also has not been officially announced. His training period only lasted 9 months. He enjoys shopping, working out, listening to music and playing with his dog Layla.

Fun fact: He was born in South Korea but was raised in Australia since age 9.

Sunghoon’s position in ENHYPEN has not yet been officially announced. He trained for 2 years and 1 month with BigHit Entertainment. He enjoys fashion and figure skating.

Fun fact: Sunghoon used to be a competitive figure skater, which is how he earned the nickname “Ice Prince” or “Figure Skating Prince”.

Sunoo’s position in ENHYPEN has not yet been officially announced. He trained for as short as 10 months. His hobbies are taking selfies, listening to music and other recreational activities such as playing games and watching movies.

Fun fact: Sunoo has a black belt in Hapkido (a type of martial art).

Ni-ki is the maknae of ENHYPEN, which means that he is the youngest member of the group. His position in the group other than being the youngest member has not yet been announced.. He has the shortest training period of 8 months.

Fun facts: He enjoys sports, dancing and watching movies. He is from Japan, and he had gotten his talent of dancing through jazz and ballet.

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