Perfect Perfumes For Spring

Don’t you love walking in the garden with your friends or family, smelling the different aromas of flowers? You then say to yourself, “Wow! I wish I was able to smell like these beautiful flowers.” But, you realize that you actually can smell like that! That is the wondrous gift of perfume. We are so lucky to be approaching springtime, and there are hundreds of amazing scents to wear. Out of all of those scents, here are the five I would recommend to you, from one perfume lover to another!
Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

You need this perfume in your life–this scent immediately puts a smile on your face. With its floral scent, you will never want to stop smelling the bottle, which is also beautiful. It is a baby pink color with flowers all along the front and back parts. The gold cap feels luxurious to hold, with ridges all along it. The top notes of this fragrance are blossom and mandarin, with a heart note of white jasmine, and base notes of patchouli and brown sugar. Doesn’t that description sound so delicious? Trust me, it smells even better than it sounds. Miley Cyrus was the face of the campaign, full of bright colors, for this fragrance back in July 2021. You can buy the 100ml bottle on the Gucci website for $138.
Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur

If there is one perfume to get from this article, it’s this one. This perfume has a top note of Roman Chamomile, heart notes of musk, and is exclusive to Gucci, “Indian Coral Jasmine Nature Print.” Along with this, the base notes are vanilla and sandalwood. I, personally, also get a sweet honey scent from this fragrance. Gucci stated that the bottle is reminiscent of the 90s and is “grooved like a column from an ancient world.” Even though it’s an older scent from Gucci, it has never stopped being popular. It’s definitely popular for a reason, and that’s because it’s just that good. Harry Styles agrees with this statement too, as he is the face of this perfume. Back in Aug. of 2019, when the perfume was first released, Styles was featured in the diverse campaign. Styles mentioned, “I like a fragrance that has some emotion behind it.” He also wears it “all the time” including to bed. So, you heard it from the man himself, this is a perfume to remember. You can get this fragrance in many different sizes, but the 100ml on the Gucci website is $120.
Glossier You

Glossier’s You fragrance instantly transforms you into a refreshed, new and improved you. It’s you, but better. This is because the scent is known to smell slightly different on everyone. The top note is pink pepper, with heart notes of amber and woods, while the base notes are iris and “freshness.” This perfume is very natural and subtle, just like the bottle. The bottle has a thumbprint for it to be placed in when you are spraying it for maximum comfort. A new upgrade to this perfume is that you can now purchase this fragrance in solid form, which is very unique. The refillable balm retails for $30 on the Glossier website. You can also get refills for $20 or purchase it in the spray form for $60. This is a respectable price, given that it is 50 ml.
Pacifica Himalayan Patchouli Berry

Now, this is one of the cheaper options, retailing only for $22 on the Pacifica website. With this price, it is one of the smaller bottles being only 29 ml. This scent primarily consists of patchouli, grapefruit, and warm sugar notes. This scent will have people coming up to you asking, “Hey, what perfume are you wearing? It smells so good.” You will then be forced to confess the delightful fragrance that you’re wearing. I remember, a few years ago, when I first discovered this scent, I instantly fell in love with it, and I know you will too. This scent doesn’t seem to be very well-known, so it feels truly like your personal scent.
Maison Margiela Replica Under The Lemon Trees

It’s a wonderfully warm day outside, and you’re walking in the park. The birds are chirping, and the bees are buzzing. You put your arms out, enjoying the fresh breeze of spring. When you put on Replica’s Under The Lemon Trees, this is exactly what you feel. It’s like you’re wearing a daydream. The top notes of this scent are lime and cardamom, heart notes of green tea and coriander, and base notes of white musk, cedar, and rose. You can get this perfume on the Sephora website for $144.

Well, I hope you consider my recommendations because if you do, you’ll be the greatest smelling person on the planet. The main scents of spring are usually floral and citrusy scents, with vibrant personalities. This is a time to experiment and find your signature scent. So, go ahead to type in the comments what your favorite spring perfumes are, or if you will be trying out any that were in this article!