YouTube Channels I Love and Why

Spring Break is approaching, and with all the newfound free time why not sit back and watch Youtube? Compiled below is a short list (not ranking!) of some of my favorite Youtubers that I think you may like too!


Ashely, aka bestdressed, is the New York based YouTuber who posts a range of styling, lookbook, girl talk, and makeover videos. She leads you through her thought process behind every outfit. She unfortunately stopped posting on her YouTube channel but you can still follow her @best.dressed on Instagram where she posts regularly. Sustainability is very important to her and she has a killer thrift guide video. She even released a collaboration with En Route jewelry! Unfortunately it’s not for sale anymore. Fun fact: she picked her YouTube name after being nominated for best dressed in highschool! She is important to me because she advocates for sustainable fashion, is authentic and doesn’t pretend to be perfect. She is funny, honest and has a great fashion sense. Her style is uniquely hers.

Drew Gooden

Drew Gooden started on Vine and later transferred to YouTube. He still continues to make comedy videos. His jokes genuinely make me laugh and he does have some good points. He’s also the “Road Work Ahead” Vine guy! Occasional appearances on his channel include: his wife Amanda, his cat, and Danny Gonzalez. I chose to put him in this article because he has an array of commentary videos and collaborations. He cracks me up as well as offering sincerely good critics without being overly negative.

Babish Culinary Universe

Babish Culinary Universe is a YouTube account run by Andrew Rea, a cookbook author. Andrew brings food from TV shows and movies into real life masterfully. Some meals he has made include: Ratatouille (from “Ratatouille”), Krabby Patty (from “Spongebob Squarepants”) and a Tortilla Chip Sombrero (from “Despicable Me 2”) along with so much more. Whenever I watch his videos I crave whatever he’s cooking! He brings TV magic right to your table and his recipes are easy to follow

jackie liu

Jackie Liu makes masterful large scale paintings. Her account began when she was in high school and as of 2022 she is taking a break to study art in college! She posts her painting process as well as shorter videos on the meanings behind her paintings. You can buy her prints/originals at or just her prints at I think her art is so much more meaningful when you know the inspiration behind each piece and she has a full YouTube video reviewing the art she sent through college admissions where she explains each piece. She really inspires me with the depth behind each peace of art she has. Her videos are straight to the point and she posts the process of her painting as well as YouTube shorts that are 40-60 seconds long videos just explaining the meaning behind each painting.


ModernGurlz makes phenomenal videos including fashion analysis in film, trend predictions, dissecting current fashion subcultures and fashion subcultures of the past. Her videos are very in depth and so entertaining. I recommend every video of her’s because they are so amazing, with the exception of her Disney videos, which are still good but I recommend her more modern fashion videos. She is absolutely incredible and very observant. She regularly posts pop culture fashion videos so even if you are not interested in fashion she artfully displays how a character’s arc affects their fashion and what we can learn from what a character is (or isn’t) wearing.

CGP Grey

CGP Grey makes fast paced, animated, informational videos about obscure topics. His content is very interesting and fast paced so you are sure not to get bored. He is very well educated and his videos are in an easy to understand animated format. His videos are seemingly random but he always commits fully, even flying cross country for a video! He is very fair and non judgmental. Watch his videos and find out things you never knew even existed.

There are thousands of YouTubers in the world so it was really difficult to narrow down just these six. I made this list purposefully well-rounded so there is something for everyone. All of these YouTubers continue to make good quality content and genuinely love (or loved in the case of bestdressed) their jobs.