Sleep, We All Need it and its Benefits

I assume that most of us know what sleep is, but do we know the benefits of it? Trust me there are many. If you are interested in learning more about some of these benefits of sleep then I suggest you keep reading!

Now starting off with one most commonly known, the better you sleep, the better your mood is. Having a good night’s rest helps you feel more energized. You are also less likely to get annoyed easily which means you’re in a joyful mood. Sleep helps calm down your body which is great for losing stress. When you are sleep-deprived your body tends to release stress hormones, so in a simpler explanation, you need sleep to keep your mood up!

Sleep also does help with memory and alertness. While you sleep your brain processes your memories of that day. This keeps your mind at work so when you wake up it helps improve your memory. As for alertness, if you do not sleep or sleep for a short period of time you tend to lose your energy and perform certain tasks with less effort. While on the other hand if you do sleep well you end up being able to focus on getting things done.

Now a serious problem you can deal with from lack of sleep is potential heart problems. For example, high blood pressure or maybe even heart attacks. This is caused by your body releasing cortisol which is a stress hormone that triggers your heart to work harder. It is severely important that you take care of yourself by getting enough sleep. Though sometimes it can be hard it is best to try than to accept defeat and keep causing more harm to yourself.

Now the last bit to this article, sleeping well helps you with complex thinking. This can include making decisions, solving problems, or maybe even just planning decisions. Resting makes sure you are able to socialize in school or work. In fact, it helps you in any social situation. Another big benefit is how sleep helps your body repair damage. This damage can be stress or any other harmful things you happen to be exposed to. There are certain cells in your body that produce protein to help you repair the day’s damage. This helps you stay healthy.

Now reading all this information you tell me, are you getting these benefits from sleep? Are you getting enough sleep? Lastly, remember to take care of yourself before worrying about other things. You deserve to be healthy and happy!

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