Criminology vs. Criminal Justice

Criminology and criminal justice are both areas of study in the field of crime. Criminology is the study of crime and criminal behavior. Meanwhile, criminal justice is the study of finding solutions to crimes committed and the technical thought process of criminals.

According to Criminal Justice Profiles, when working on criminology and criminal justice you would work with “criminals and legal professionals.” Criminal justice profiles also state how the main purpose of criminology and criminal justice is to lessen crime rates to zero and make sure the law is enforced.

Even though they share the same purpose, criminal justice prevents criminals from committing crimes and criminology focuses on finding out “why crimes are committed.” Criminal justice is mainly focused on the law system, while criminology studies “the sociological and psychological behaviors of criminals.” After graduating from criminal justice programs students “often pursue careers in law enforcement.” Students graduating from criminology get jobs that deal with investigating and analyzing crime scenes within the criminal justice system.