Autumnal Eats For Your Thanksgiving Feast

As leaves are changing and Trader Joe’s transforms everything and anything into pumpkin spice, more fall produce is available to the public. To get in the mood for fall, here is some tasty autumn produce!

Pumpkins signify the start of fall for many people. This gourd starts growing as early as May to be ready for fall festivities and Halloween. Pumpkins have many uses such as baking pumpkin pies, making jack o’lanterns, pumpkin bread, roasted pumpkin seeds, and many more! Their colors can be orange, yellow, white, and even blue. According to Guinness World Records, the largest pumpkin in the world was a little bit over 2,702 lbs!

While usually available year round in the U.S., more varieties of carrots are grown in late summer to fall. The most common carrot is the Imperator carrot, which is also what baby carrots are made of. If you have never had a non-orange carrot, you should try them! They come in other colors such as purple, white, yellow, and red.

Pomegranate fruits typically have a deeper red outside with a fleshy white inside holding the edible seeds. Pomegranates can be a hassle to get to, as the seeds are surrounded by the small reddish fruit. Pomegranates are often more on the sour than sweet side. They grow on trees and ripen throughout August and October.

Persimmons are orange fruits that have an almost slippery texture. They can be very sweet. There are two main types of persimmons: the fuyu and the hachiya. The hachiya persimmon is a squishy and juicy variety while fuyu persimmons are crunchier like an apple. Persimmons are typically eaten raw and the skin is edible. Persimmons ripen throughout September. Humans aren’t the only ones who like them; Opossums are known to snack on unripe persimmons!

Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes are typically harvested in September and October. These starchy root vegetables are commonly known as having a purple-ish brown skin with orange on the inside. Sweet potatoes can be white, yellow, and brown. They can be used in many dishes and are a fantastic alternative to potatoes!

Quinces are an odd fruit that looks like a mix of a lemon and a pear. They are too tough and tart to be eaten raw, so they are usually cooked. To try this fruit, I recommend it in a pie!

I hope this article inspired you to investigate the foods you eat. Have a wonderful fall!