Games to Play if You’re Board in 2023

Board games can be a great way to pass time and bond with friends and family. Here are some fun games to play in 2023!

Azul is a beautiful game where players select tiles from a pile to build their “wall.” These tiles are based on azulejos, a Portuguese form of tilework. According to Dena Levitz with the Smithsonian Magazine, this form of tilework can be dated to the 13th century when the Moors invaded Portugal. Azulejos are characterized by their blue detailing and come in very intricate patterns. The goal of Azul is to rack up the most points during the duration of the game. While the original version of the game features beautiful tile art, there are other expansions of the game: Crystal Mosaic, Glazed Pavillion, and the limited edition Master Chocolatier.

Spot It!
Spot It! is a GALA fan favorite as it is often seen being played during lunch or while students hang out during extended advisory days. While the game says it has five different variations, the most straightforward is known as The Well because all but one card (the starting card) is distributed to the players. The game is pretty simple; the objective is to get rid of your cards the fastest. A round can go by very quickly as everyone playing is trying to match one image on their card to one symbol on the table card. A large reason for the wide use of this game is that the number of players can range from two to eight players, making it a great choice for larger groups of people! There are many versions of Spot It!, including a Star Wars Spot It and Care Bears Spot It.

Atlantis is an exciting game where players are stranded on a volcanic island that is ready to blow at any time. The objective is for players to get as many points worth of meeples (a small game piece with a human-like shape) on an island as possible before it erupts. A group of two to four players starts by collaboratively building an island, and throughout the game, the island starts falling into the sea. Players have to navigate the ocean filled with sea monsters, whales, sharks, and other players before the volcano explodes and the game ends. An interesting aspect of this game is that the sea creatures all have different roles in interacting with the players.

Stratego is a highly competitive board game between two players. The 1940s game has a history stretching back to a very similar game, L’Attaque, which was patented and sold as far back as 1909, according to the British Antique Dealers’ Association. Stratego is a game of wit, where the players organize their variously strengthened pieces, along with a flag. The objective is to capture the other player’s flag whilst protecting your own. The most fun part of this game is that you can’t see the other player’s positions, so there is always a chance that you may run into a bomb!

I hope you have fun trying these wonderful games!