‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Sweeps Oscar Nominations

The Academy has announced the nominees for this year’s Oscars and there is one movie in particular that is at the forefront of nominations: Everything Everywhere All at Once, directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert.
When the nominations were announced on January 24, 2023, Everything Everywhere All at Once was nominated for 11 Oscars: Best Picture, Best Actress, 2 Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Score, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Costume Design, and Best Film Editing.
The nominations alone have already made this a historic film. Lead actress Michelle Yeoh is the first Academy Award best actress nominee to identify as Asian. Merle Oberon (1936, The Dark Angel) is regarded by some recordkeepers as the first Asian nominee for best actress. However, despite the fact that her mother was reported to be partially Sri Lankan, Oberon concealed her ancestry and posed as a white person.
Yeoh made it clear in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she regards this as a significant turning point for Asians as she receives praise and validation due to her performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once.
Yeoh told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s taken a long time. But I think this is more than me. At the present moment, constantly, all the time, having Asians walking up to me saying, ‘You can do it, you’re doing it for us.’ It’s like, ‘I understand. I totally understand.’ All this time, they’ve not been recognized, they’ve not been heard…I’ve been in the movie business now for 40 years. When you have validation from your peers, all that is like the cherry on the cake. But the reason why you do films and you present your babies out to the world is because you want the story to be told, you want the people to understand, whether it’s your culture, whether it’s certain very poignant stories, or important tales, to be told. I think this is beyond just me. It represents so many who have hoped to be seen in this way, to have a seat at the table, to say, ‘I am of value too, I need to be seen too.’”
If you wish to watch Everything Everywhere All at Once, it has recently been put back in theaters for a limited time but that isn’t the only place where it is accessible. It is currently available on Showtime and Paramount+ (only if purchased with the Showtime bundle). It can also be viewed on YouTube, Prime Video, Hulu, SlingTV, and FuboTV; however, given that it is still relatively new, it will need to be purchased on any of these platforms. I highly recommend watching the movie if you have time, as it is a great watch.